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Leo’s 1st Birthday Party

Since Leo's first birthday fell on a Thursday, Lenny & Lisa invited his little pals to celebrate on Saturday. They chose a "zoo" theme.

Lenny & DT manned two bicycle pumps to inflate the zoo, which included a crocodile, giraffe, zebra, penguin and an elephant. Lenny had toucan balloons "perching" in the trees and assorted animal-print balloons in the back garden.

A lion splash pool completed the ensemble to entertain the toddlers.

Hanging balloons from an upper balcony

The Birthday Boy, testing the water temperature

Our talented girl made cute signs for the party

FISH FOOD (crackers), TIGER TREATS (animal cookies) & MONKEY CHOW (Pirate Booty)

Earlier in the day, Martha Lisa had baked her son his first-ever cake:

A Lion cake for Leo! It was so cute!

After the kids had played in the pool and water table - and everyone had dined on delicious pizza from Tomato Pie - it was time for Leo to have his birthday cake!

Hey, why is everyone looking at me and singing to me? Let's all clap!

We are fairly sure the boy will eventually love sweets, but the cake did not go over very well. No worries - everyone enjoyed the show and the 30 guests were served lovely cupcakes from a local bakery.

A perfect party to celebrate Leo's first year. Until my next update, I remain, your smiling correspondent.