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Casita Update

We left Leo with a sitter and spent the day in Palm Springs with Lenny & Lisa. This was not a vacation day - we had a series of four meetings arranged... and though we felt terrible leaving Leo all day, 117° (and four meetings) is no place for a baby. Even the best air conditioning is practically useless in a car when the temperatures climb this high.

Our first meeting was at the wedding space to go over details again. We also tasted the wedding dinner menu and tasted the cake. All is well - the kids will have a perfect day (with perfect food) in October.

We also stopped to see how things are going on our casita build-out at the Motorcoach Country Club in Indio, and I snapped several photos. Even in the terrible heat, a full crew were working on-site.

The lawn is in place and the pavers are nearly all down.

This narrow driveway in front of the casita is for a golf cart.

The covered pavilion is now being fitted with cabinetry and the granite is ready to be placed on the countertops.

The living area fireplace is in and doors are being installed next to the fireplace. A television will rise up from behind the fireplace.

Here is a photo showing what will go where.

The interior of the casita is nearly finished. The floor looks fantastic. The air conditioning/heating system is in place. The shower is finished and the floors are ready for the toilet and pedestal sink.

The shower looks great... and we suddenly have a glass shower door. There is a big delay in obtaining the brick for the outside surfaces of the casita... we may have to decide on a different brick. Not sure yet. Mostly, we are very pleased with the outcome and hope the whole thing will be complete within a few more weeks.

Then we drove back to Los Angeles as fast as the law allowed (okay, possibly a little faster than the law allowed) so we could spend the rest of the afternoon with The Cutest Baby Ever.

Until my next update, I remain, your hot correspondent.