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Quiet & Cold

Indio, California: Dear Reader, it is freezing in the Coachella Valley. And by freezing, I mean the temperatures are dropping below 32° Fahrenheit overnight. We have been here (years ago) in January when the temperatures dropped so low entire citrus crops were lost. Frozen OJ, so to speak, except not in concentrate. The temperatures aren't so extreme this week, but we are told to expect "blemished" vegetables for the next few weeks.

Temperatures during the day have only reached the mid-50's. Snowbirds absolutely hide-out inside their RVs when the weather turns cold. It was really quiet around the resort this weekend. Not only was everyone inside, about 40 coaches have headed over to the Phoenix area for the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction in Scottsdale. It seems quite a few of our neighbors are really, really into cars. I pass by Bentleys and Rolls-Royces on my jogs around the park. BMWs and Mercedes are the norm. My seven year old Honda CRV is a blight.

We did venture out each day. To the same place, in fact. Old Town La Quinta hosted an art fair Saturday, Art Under the Umbrellas. Paintings, sculptures, glass and really a lot of silver jewelry were offered from umbrella-covered stalls on the closed-to-traffic main street. Notice everyone is wearing a jacket. So cold.

Imagine the same scene, above, the next day - except replace art with vegetables and you will have the La Quinta Certified Farmers Market.

We did not purchase art on Saturday, but we did purchase berries on Sunday. We also bought organic butter from Springhill Jersey Cheese.. The butter is European-style - made with cultured milk and with a slightly higher fat content.

That butter was screaming to be made into a pastry to hold the berries. But I was a good girl and ate the berries plain, and I think the butter will be best consumed spread on a good bread.

After a long run.

We spent quite a bit of time today looking over maps and researching locations for the RV trip we are planning. So excited!

With clear skies all day, clouds rolled-in tonight giving us another glorious sunset.

We did not enjoy this sunset from the comfort of our casita. No way. We were inside our motorhome with the radiant floor tile heat set to "Sahara". Even with the temperatures dipping below freezing for the past few nights, we have not used the furnace - the floor tiles keep us toasty.

Monday is predicted to be our last day of chilly weather and overnight freezing temperatures. Within a few days, we will once again be enjoying 75 degree days and cozy nights by the outdoor fire.

NOTE TO READERS: We went to a local pharmacy to get our flu shots. Quick. Painless and covered by our insurance. Talk to your doctor - now.

Until my next update, I remain, your icy correspondent.

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