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Indio, California: This week marks my 14th year of keeping an internet journal - long before everyone had a blog. In prehistoric times, simple on-line blogging software (blogger, wordpress, etc.) did not exist, so I created this website old-school style and I am too old to change my ways. 

But, if you subscribe to my free monthly newsletter, you already know there are going to be a few changes around RVGoddess.com. Pages are being reorganized (behind the scenes) allowing easier management of this very large site. A few things are going to disappear, and new features will be added.

Through all the years, the main purpose of this website was to keep a journal for my personal use and recollection. Still is. Always will be. I give away everything on this site. Free travel advice and opinions. Free recipes. Free checklists. Free newsletter. Free bits of wisdom, facts and trivia that will no-doubt one day win someone somewhere a friendly round of Trivial Pursuit or Jeopardy championship.

No one other than myself works on this website. I have no employees, interns, photographers, editors, fact-checkers or web specialists. (Obviously.) I write every word, take/edit the photos and send it all out into space. Creating RVGoddess.com takes a lot of time and has considerable costs.

With this in mind, the RV Goddess Shop at amazon.com will re-open soon. Shop til you drop! And if you ever need anything at all from amazon.com, just click on the little amazon logo on the right-top of every page of this website, which will bring to you amazon.com and they will know I sent you. They give me a teeny little commission on your purchases (and amazon.com protects your privacy - I can't see who you are or what you bought).

Here is more free stuff...

Another useful worksheet has recently been added to the great assortment of free checklists available on this site. This checklist (created by yours-truly) is helpful in the RV or at home. Menus + Shopping is a pdf file (8.5 x 11 inch) that can be printed and used to plan menus and organize a shopping list - all on one handy sheet of paper. Folded in half length-wise, you can stuff your coupons in the middle and head out to the market. Print another week on the back, or use the reverse to jot recipe notes, etc. Recyclable. Does not require a color printer. Free. The file is safe (hosted by me) - courtesy of the RV Goddess.

Because I love you.

My plan is for the subtle changes to be implemented slowly over the next few months, so you will not see a dramatic transformation, but rest assured I will be busy working to make the site better organized. One thing that will not change is my near-daily column. I will continue to report our adventures, travels, recipes and photos of Leo.

The wheels on this bus are starting to turn square, so DT and I are heading out on a RV adventure very soon. I'm very excited about exploring again. 

Until my next update, I remain, your nonprofit correspondent.

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