Road Warriors

Corning, California: A long day of driving - all of it south on I-5. How many times have we started a RV trip driving south of I-5? A hundred? Feels like a million. Yes, a beautiful drive... but after the millionth time so many times, it does get just a tadrepetitious. Luckily I have Solitaire on my phone to keep me occupied. Apparently My Driver keeps himself occupied by piloting a 45-foot motor coach (with a small Honda attached).

I did look up from my mini-screen long enough to see a rafter of wild turkeys along the interstate! Better hide, ladies - Thanksgiving is coming soon!

Further on down the road, we had a very interesting experience. A man in a mini-van (with Oregon plates) passed us and then sped ahead, pulled-over, hopped-out of his vehicle and flashed us the Oregon "O" hand signal (example in photo, left) as we passed him. Then, he jumped back in his car, passed us again and continued on his way. We are thinking he was probably very disappointed to find a middle-aged couple in a pretty University of Oregon-themed bus - instead of football coach Chip Kelly driving the team to Berkeley. Sorry, dude, but GO DUCKS - and we appreciate (and understand) your enthusiasm.

Rolling Hills Casino RV Park. Just a place to park - with full hook-ups - and everything is self-serve. The above photo shows the "check-in desk". Put your credit card or cash in the parking meter and a ticket will spit-out. Choose any site. The sites are not even numbered. For $25, the site is yours until noon the next day. Walk over to the casino or stay "home" and watch the Miami of Ohio v Bowling Green Fog Bowl on television. (We chose the latter).

After worrying so much about snow and ice - it was very nice to arrive to a campsite in full sun and temperatures into the high 50's. We set-up camp (pushed a few buttons) before dark and settled in to relax.

You didn't forget about that lasagna, did you? Half-baked and frozen last Thursday, the lasagna thawed in the sink today while we drove. All I had to do was place the lasagna in the oven tonight. I know it looks gooey and cheesy - but it was made with low-fat mozzarella and fat-free ricotta. I put enough fresh basil in the layers that no one missed the fat. It was delicious.

Tomorrow we continue south. Our adventure includes crossing the San Francisco Bay Bridge. 

Remember us in your prayers.

Until my next update, I remain, your road warrior correspondent.