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On the road again

Eugene, Oregon: Okay. We are technically "on the road", but we didn't get very far. Only two hours south to Eugene where our motorhome sat waiting for us the past two days. Waiting for us to give her a good cleaning after a very busy and very late tailgate party.

But first, here are a few pretty pictures from last evening at home:

I had a pumpkin that needed to be cooked, so I sliced it up, brushed it with a little herb-infused olive oil and roasted the wedges for 40 minutes at 400°.

The slices were very pretty and smelled lovely.

But they weren't fit to eat. Tough. Bland. Boring.

I just wanted you to know.

Back to our regular program: DT had meetings all afternoon at the University of Oregon for the 2012 Olympic Trials that he is not helping with, so I went to work tidying-up the Magna Peregrinus. Bedding to be changed. Towels to be laundered. Dishes to be washed. Buttons to be pushed on the dishwasher. I vacuumed. I mopped.


I enjoyed my task. I was cleaning a motorhome that El Guerrouj had visited. I was mopping a floor where his fast feet had walked. 

Shoot. I should have sold the unwashed tiles on eBay!

We will remain in tonight and have a very early evening. Tomorrow we need to head south on I-5 and it is snowing on the Siskiyou Pass. This is not going to be fun. The weather in Eugene is also nasty and it is very cold outside. The radiant floor heat is set to HIGH.

Until my next update, I remain, your careful correspondent.