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Oceanfront in San Francisco

San Francisco, California: Dear Readers, thank you so much for remembering us in your prayers! I am happy to report we made it safely over the San Francisco Bay Bridge and the only price we had to pay was the toll.

We slept in just a bit this morning (7a) and circled the RV Park for our morning jogs. It was sunny and we enjoyed very pleasant jogs... considering we were running around and around and around and around and around and around (or, in DT's case, double the amount of "arounds") a RV Park. One good thing about running in RV Parks? They are most always flat.

Here is the approach to the toll plaza for the San Francisco Bay Bridge (not to be confused with the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge which can actually be seen from the San Francisco Bay Bridge).

Toll for an auto today? $4, because it is a holiday. Usually the toll is $5 for an automobile. For a motor coach with three axles, towing a car with two axles, the toll today was $11.25.

$11.25 is quite a chunk-o-change, isn't it? Me thinks they need all the dough they can obtain to finish this bridge project that I swear was funded during the Carter (Clinton? Lincoln?... one of those guys...) Administration. It seems like they have been working on this bridge forever. Anyway, after I oiled-up the sides of the RV so we could squeeze through the toll booth, we were on our way!

On our way to San Francisco - Bagdad by the Bay - one of our favorite cities in the world.

We arrived to our reserved "campsite" at the San Francisco RV Resort. We are parked right next to Kathy & Woody and we each have ocean-front sites looking over the beautiful Pacific Ocean! The waves are so loud, they hide the roar of the freeway on the other side of the RV Park! My Driver needed a 50-amp extension cord to reach the power box and if our sewer hose was one-inch shorter... Anyway, as Jimmy Buffett would say: Here We Are!

How's this for a view?

BEFORE: Please ignore that cracked piece of earth - directly in front of our 54,000 pound motor home - that is about to fall into the Pacific Ocean.

AFTER PHOTOSHOP: See, all better now. Crack? What crack?

By the time the sun was setting, Mary & Steve arrived. The six of us enjoyed a lovely - wind-free - evening overlooking the ocean.

Cocktails were involved.

On a personal note, I would like to extend my gratitude to America's veterans and their families. Sorry only one day is set-aside to honor everything you have contributed to (not only America, but let's face it) the world. Thank you for your service. Thank you for your sacrifice. Happy Veteran's Day.

Until my next update, I remain, your grateful correspondent.