On the road again!

My Matzo Balls, I really encourage you to try this recipe. The secret is to only let the dough rest for one hour before boiling the matzo balls. The longer you let the dough rest - the harder the matzo balls. True, some people like their matzo balls hard and dry... we prefer our matzo balls to be "fluffy floaters".

Matzo Meal dough

Every candle is lit on the menorah the last night of Hanukkah - so beautiful! I had finally purchased an electric menorah for the RV, because of the "fire hazard", but couldn't bring myself to schlep a foot-tall electric menorah along on a month-long trip if we would only use it the first night of the trip.

Plan B.

Pretty lights. The pretty girl in the photo is The Lovely Lisa - snapped while hiking in Joshua Tree National Park on her Dad's 50th birthday.

After letting the dough rest for one hour, I began to boil the matzo balls in salted water.




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