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We are a little crazy-nutso around here - getting ready to flock south for the Rose Bowl in the midst of the busy Camping Journal holiday shipping season. Keeps me on my toes. Keeps me making lists. Keeps me glued to my Blackberry. But I still made time to pick up essentials from New Seasons Market and have lunch with my sister at (a place across the parking lot from New Seasons) Pastini.

Tuna & Bean Salad for lunch

Then it was back home to ship more orders, continue packing for our Rose Bowl Trip and prepare a delicious seventh night of Hanukkah dinner. The weather continues to be absolutely miserable - buckets of rain and dark skies all day - so I am especially anxious to point the Magna Peregrinus south.

NOTE TO READERS: I have received several inquiries as to why we are not bringing our motorhome to the Rose Bowl stadium. The Rose Bowl RV parking situation works like this: there is an area assigned for RV parking at the stadium, and it opens 4 days prior to the game for dry-camping. First come, first serve. We just aren't willing to take the chance of not getting a site... especially since our girl lives just a few miles from Pasadena. That's it... okay, plus... we hate really dislike driving our bus in Los Angeles!

Before I leave you, there is something I want to share. You all know I love my cocktails, but this recipe made me gag. The girls are so cute and hilarious (slugging the vodka, right out of the bottle!) in the video, I had to let you in on this recipe anyway.


Until my next update - from the road - I remain, your "don't drink and drive-through" correspondent.