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Post-game recap

No rest for the Victors - we woke up, cleaned the motorhome, and were on the interstate towards home early this morning. Along with every other Portlander who spent the night in Eugene after the game. At least everyone was in a good mood.

We had many fans waving and honking at our bus and giving us a "thumbs up".

Some drivers have their cars very subtly decorated.

This guy is a little more excited - it says "I SMELL ROSES" on the side windows.

And then you see a car like this and wonder why they didn't buy a green car?

It was a great tailgate, a great game and a great victory. Of course we are already planning our RV trip down to Southern California for the Rose Bowl on January 1st.

Our little dashboard mascots are coming along too and they are both very excited.

Speaking of Donald Duck - as I have mentioned several times over the past few weeks - the University loved the "I Smell Roses" video Oregon journalism students made about the football team, but the University attorneys were not happy about the use of the official mascot, which technically belongs to the Walt Disney Company. There was a compromise - the University made a video using the song (tastefully removing the part about smelling roses) and spliced-in great Duck football highlights. Oregon ran the video on the stadium jumbotron just before kick-off to the delight of Duck fans.

I don't suppose the Beaver fans were much amused.

Just a quick search on YouTube produced a few interesting results:

1. Video with "I Smell Roses" using great highlights from the 2008 Civil War.

2. Here's a music video from the the olden days with Joey Harrington. My, how things change.

3. And then there is this charmer from the Beavers this week. Watch this one right away - I suspect it will not be there for long.

Until my next update, I remain, your Pasadena-bound correspondent.