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Polo & Pavilions

Indio, California:  The weather was holding (i.e., the wind was not blowing 20mph), so after walking four miles, we took Our Visitors over to the Empire Polo Club to watch the early match. We were joined by Marci and Jim.

After their visit last week, Brother Steve and Kris decided we needed champagne flutes for our picnic basket instead of the plastic wine glasses we used for champagne. Don't want to be tacky while at the ponies! They sent us a box of adorable Govino Shatterproof Stemless Champagne Flutes, which we tested today at our picnic. They worked perfectly - and we just love the little thumbprint dimple.

The match was good today and we had a lot of action right in front of us.

Empire Polo Club

Official photo of Mary, sipping champagne, and stomping divots between chukkers.

Fast-paced action

I made a 10-second video (with some slo-mo action):

Thank goodness I uploaded this video in time for the Oscars!

After polo, we returned to the Motorcoach Country Club to tour through the "Lots of Dreams" open houses. Each winter, builders showcase their latest build-outs here at the resort and open the doors for the public to view. It is a way for builders to get new business and for owners to show-off their beautiful new casitas. Platters of food are offered and wine is flowing.

There are awhollotta rules and regulations to obey when building a casita/covered pavilion at the Motorcoach Country Club. As soon as you finish your build-out, the regulations will change. Guaranteed. Things change constantly and builders/owners come-up with the most ingenious ideas for their floor plan and design.

As comparison to the photos I will present below of the new build-outs, I will show you a few recent photos of our four-year-old pavilion:

Our dining and living area, with our motorhome to the left

We tried to go simple and maximize "living outdoors" as much as possible. We have a gas fireplace, electric ceiling heaters and ceiling fans. Last year we added the 3-panel sliding glass door to the north wall to stop the wind/sand from blowing into our living area, but the other three openings are only protected by drop-down screens (as the wind rarely blows from that direction).

Looking into the covered area, you can see the screens are "down". We can see out, neighbors cannot see in, so the drop-down screens provide privacy and shade. The kitchen has a drop-in range/oven, sink, garbage disposal, dishwasher and under-counter fridge. The door at the end of this photo is into the casita, where there is a Murphy bed and full bath.

The drop-down screen is "up" in this photo. We have outdoor patio furniture. Nothing fancy. Everything can be hosed-off.

Things have changed so much in four years.

New build-out at the Motorcoach Country Club

Every pavilion we toured today had every opening completely enclosed in glass with sliding glass doors or sliding glass panels. The pavilions are air conditioned/heated and the fireplaces are vented/have chimneys. All the interior furnishings are "indoor" furniture - leather or upholstered.

New build-out at the Motorcoach Country Club

More like houses than pavilions, and absolutely gorgeous. I am so impressed with everyone's good taste.

New build-out at the Motorcoach Country Club

Wow. Just wow.

New build-out at the Motorcoach Country Club

Most back-in (privacy) lots have installed their own pool and hot tub. Just beautiful.

After our tour, we came back to our humble abode and I made a Pizza Margherita, a Caesar salad and we watched Downton Abbey. Our butler had the evening off.

Before you ask, we are not planning to remodel our pavilion to the new standards. We want to be outdoors. Shaded, but outdoors. Comfortable, but outdoors. That said, last month we ordered awnings to shade the two large openings on the west side of our pavilion. These will provide much-needed shade in the afternoon. The awnings will be installed in a few days.

Until my next update, I remain, your "we are not getting a boat either" correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club