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Four Things

Indio, California:  There is a lull in the action, so finally have a few minutes to update this blog.

1. First, I must share this huge, gorgeous and fragrant bouquet from Mary & Steve to thank us for hosting them last week. Yellow, of course, to stick with our GO DUCK color scheme. I may have to send a thank you note for the thank you flower arrangement?

2. The RV Goddess Newsletter has been discontinued. An email was sent to subscribers last week. It was not working out, was not making money, had not reached subscription goals and I was not enjoying the process. Cut and run. A few subscribers were confused and thought I was also closing this blog. You wish. Nope, My Blog will continue on and on and on and on and I will just post new recipes here instead of on the newsletter. Big thanks to everyone for understanding and for the super-kind comments received after the announcement.

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3. My Driver is away (with the car) to visit His Mother. He has left me here to supervise the installation of awnings on the west side of the casita. One awning went up yesterday and the second awning may/may not be installed today. I have no idea where the work crew may be this morning... they have yet to show up... but I am still here doing a bang-up job of supervising. Photos will be posted after the job is complete - and I hope said photos will be posted TOMORROW. In the meantime, if someone has to be stuck-at-home-without-a-car, I'm lucky to be here:

4. FARM REPORT: the herbs and tomatoes we planted last month are growing like mad. The tomato plants are so tall, they have already been confined to cages. (A few tomato stems were lost in the windstorm last week and we do not want that to happen again.) Every tomato plant has six or more flowers! In February!

On a sad note, that adorable little cottontail bunny happily hopping around this end of the canal is, in reality, a pansy-chomping monster. S/he has eaten over twenty plants down to the the nubs. We have sprinkled an herbal/peppery detracting powder, but it only works for a day or two. Oh, how I miss My Beagle. Snickers would take care of that pesky wabbit.

Until my next update, I remain, your "the crew just showed up!" correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club