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Photos of Reese

Los Angeles, California: DT and I drove from Indio to Los Angeles this afternoon and will spend a few days with our only child, The Lovely Lisa, as we attend the Rose Bowl. Tonight, Lisa hosted a small dinner party at her home for her parents and their college friends.

Lisa's decor: roses for the Rose Bowl and a skull bowling ball lamp

(This is only because Lisa hosted an epic party for 50 last night for locals and friends in town from her college days at The George Washington University in DC., and was too exhausted to go out again tonight.)

Our Grand Dawg, Reese, is the sweetest mutt ever. He has no fancy papers, no pedigree. No nuttin. Reese is a rescue dog from Washington, DC, circa 2003. We think he is half Yorkshire Terrier and half mini-poodle. We don't really care. We just love him to death.

But long time readers know our wonderful Grand Dawg has some strange habits... such as sniffing metal... for hours a day. Reese really only likes Lisa and, after Lisa, any man. Any man at all.

Except the mailman.

Reese hates the mailman.

With that notable exception, if there is a man in the room, Reese is on his lap.

Reese & McKay

DT, making a point, with Reese on his lap

We had a fine party tonight. Our traditional Fettuccini Alfredo and several bottles ofClicquot.

I guess you all know that tomorrow is a huge football game. The game is very important for My Ducks. It has been 15 years since Oregon has played in the Rose Bowl. Please send all your positive energy towards Pasadena and hope for a great game, an injury-free game and a victory for the Fighting Ducks. The game is on television. Nation-wide coverage.

Be there!

Happy New Year!

Until my next update, I remain, your GO DUCKS correspondent.