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Happy New Year

Los Angeles, California:  Happy New Year to EVERYONE! It has been an exciting day here in Los Angeles with the Rose Parade and the Rose Bowl football game. Beautiful weather too - though a bit cooler than usual - a sunny day.

The party at our hotel seemed to slow down about 5:30a. After 5:30a our 5th-floor room stopped vibrating from the sound system in the first-floor disco/club.

DT and I are about, generally speaking, 30 years too young to be staying at this hotel.

However, DT and I fit right in at Lisa's. The Lovely Lisa and Lenny hosted a brunch this afternoon. They invited about thirty of their friends/collegues. Guests aged from 6 months to nearly 60 years. It was a fabulous party.

PS: I was in charge of the fruit tray. It was gorgeous, if I say so myownself.

Lenny was in control of the pastry tray. Gourmet brownies galore, which Lenny artistically displayed upon a bamboo tray with only minimal instruction from Lisa and her Mom.

Lisa also served an assortment of bagels, roasted asparagus spears, a savory breakfast strata (a recipe from DT's Mom), and Persimmon Bread (baked by DT's Mom). Since our family tradition is to start the New Year with black eyed peas, Our Clever Girl made a tapenade with the legume, onion, tomato, parsley, garlic and Tabasco on crostini. Perfect.

Lisa & Lenny also served Bloody Mary's and Mimosa's. Or anything else you could possibly desire after celebrating New Year's Eve in Los Angeles.

DT (outside, on the patio) and Lenny, worked together to get the house ready for a great New Year Brunch. We had a fabulous time meeting so many of their friends and meeting Lenny's sister for the first time!

After the party slowed-down... around 8 o'clock... we all went for sushi at Katsuya (across the street from our hotel) for dinner. DT and I are living the LA Hipster Life. And we will continue living the LA Hipster Life until either our livers give out or our hotel reservations are over. 

Until my next update, I remain, your LA Hipster correspondent.