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Earthquakes, Errands & Emery Boards

Indio, California: The digging continues in front of our campsite here in Indio. I still have no idea what is going and since big trucks and equipment are involved, I hesitate to go over and stick my nose into what seems to be very important business.

Our friends are arriving into Southern California/Pasadena for the Big Game and have reported terrible rainy weather in the Disneyland/Los Angeles area. Local meteorologists are still predicting sunny, warm skies for the Rose Bowl game Friday afternoon. Our house sitter called this morning to say we had six inches of snow, but it was warming up and the white stuff was melting.

The weather was perfect here in Indio... though I chose to run on the treadmill in the (unbelievably fantastic) fitness center here at the Motorcoach Country Club. I ran three miles and while I was on the machine, the Coachella Valley experienced a 5.9 earthquake! I didn't even feel it (and I swear I did not cause the tremor), but DT said our RV shook like mad.

After working out, my Wonderful Driver schlepped me down to my favorite taco joint - Taqueria Guerrero (48th & Jackson) - for chicken tacos. Usually, I order two tacos (99-cents each), but today, feeling frisky and famished after my workout, I ordered three. (One for each mile.) I could not finish my lunch.

Apparently, I am a two buck lunch date.

Seriously. Where can you get this much food for $3? Soft shells, shredded chicken, lettuce & tomato. No cheese. Perfect. Healthy. Delicious.

DT ordered the cheese quesadilla. But he ran 4 miles.

No kidding, if you are ever at the Motorcoach Country Club (or vicinity)... take a right out of the resort and head down to Jackson Street. In the strip mall  - with the Albertson's supermarket, Starbucks, Mario's Italian and a Taco Bell in the parking lot - have lunch or dinner at Taqueria Guerrero. You will not be disappointed. Or bankrupt.

The afternoon was spent gathering paraphernalia for our tailgate party for fifty-plus at the Rose Bowl. Yellow and green plates, cups, napkins, veggies for a platter, sliced cheeses and crackers. Prosecco and orange juice for mimosas. Vodka for the screwdriver types. We are keeping the menu to a minimum and the alcohol to a maximum, as we know our friends/relatives well.

While out on errands, we found the most interesting RV in the Target parking lot. Any of my readers know about this rig? This dude is rocking!

It looks like a motorcycle, but it's not?

RV Motorcycle?

With other ministry stickers on the RV, I assume this owner is on a mission

Then, to make my afternoon perfect, I visited Henry. Henry gives the best pedicure in the greater Palm Springs Area, and he absolutely beats the living crap out your feetgives one of the best massages I have ever received. Trust me. The dude is famous for his reflexology-inspired foot rubs. Renown. Henry actually knew I was in town before I showed up today. (Happiness Nails, 78995 Hwy. 111, Suite 3, La Quinta, (760) 564-5069, Hwy 111 & Adams, just next to Jake's Pizza.) Tell him Terry with the Big O on her bus sent you.

And tip well, will you?

DT took me to one of my favorite Italian restaurants in Palm Desert (I have fourfavorite Italian restaurants in the Palm Springs area) tonight - Castelli's. We didn't make a reservation, because we thought it was just a regular Wednesday night, but it is close to the New Year and there are a zillion tourists in town. We should have known better after our restaurant experience last night - Castelli's was packed. They did find a teeny table for us in the side bar though and we enjoyed wonderful meals - as usual. This place is a classic - a piano player sets the mood, classically-trained uniformed waiters, old-school Italian menu, full-bar, great wine list, valet parking. Perfect. Bring your wallet.

DT had risotto with scallops and shrimp in lobster sauce

I had what I always have at Castelli's - Veal Milanese

Tomorrow afternoon, we head over to Los Angeles (in our Honda) to spend a few days with The Lovely Lisa. We will ring in the New Year with Our Girl (and our Grand Dawg) and attend the Rose Bowl. I will really, really, really, really try to update daily from Los Angeles. 

I wish everyone the best 2010 can offer - lots of love, fun, travel, good health, good food, good wine, full hook-ups, good times, fast wifi and safe miles down the road. It is also my wish that you all tune into The Rose Bowl Friday to watch The Fighting Ducks beat The Ohio State Buckeyes!

Until my next update, from El Lay, I remain, your GO DUCKS correspondent.

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