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Photos of food

Indio, California: Another beautiful morning in the desert, but we woke to this disturbing view in front of our bus:

Workers were busy digging a 6-foot deep hole in the middle of the golf course. Either a fellow camper had passed away over night or there was a major leak in the sprinkler system. More info as this story develops.

I ran 2.7 miles around the campground; DT and Mark went on a 4-mile trail run in La Quinta. Later, DT and I headed out to El Paseo - the fancy shopping street in Palm Desert. We were shocked to find so many of the shops had closed! Out of business. Most of the shops remaining are national chains. I needed something yellow or green to wear to the Rose Bowl. For some reason, all my football attire (in our RV) is fleece or a  turtleneck, and the weather is now predicted to be 70-degrees on Game Day. I did find a yellow tee shirt - it is the same Chico's 3/4-sleeve V-neck tee that I own in about 3,450 colors already... now I own one in yellow. $19.90. Such a deal! GO DUCKS!

While we were out, we had lunch at the very nice Cafe des Beaux Arts on El Paseo (turn down your speakers if you click on the link). Yummy little French bistro, enjoyed previously by The Lovely Lisa, this is the first time we have tried Cafe des Beaux Arts. DT ordered Salad Nicoise and I had chicken and mushroom crepes. Delish.

We walked up and down El Paseo, window shopping and stepping into a few shops. The shops that were still in business were simply packed with customers. You couldn't move in the Tommy Bahama shop and Chico's was also really busy.

While we were walking down the palm tree-lined street in the warm sunshine, I had a text message from our house sitter that it was snowing at our house.

Dinner tonight was planned for a nearby local Mexican favorite. We met Debbie & Mark at Rosamarillo's. The place was packed. It was $1 taco night! So, we went to Plan B -Stuft Pizza in La Quinta Village. Also jammed. Plan C - Devane's, just a few doors down from Stuft Pizza. Pretty busy, but they had a table for four in the bar. Perfect! We ended up splitting salads and having appetizers from the bar menu.

Flat iron steak appetizer from Devane's Old Town La Quinta

Quesadillas from the bar menu at Devane's Old Town La Quinta

Sliders from the bar menu at Devane's Old Town La Quinta

As I type this late night, it is still snowing at our house in Oregon and we have about six inches of snow. I am so worried about several of our friends who have flights to Pasadena tomorrow. Be careful out there, people!

Until my next update, I remain, your sunny correspondent.

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