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Golfing in the sunshine

Indio, California: I am bound to upset a few readers with that title, eh? I know so many of you are shoveling snow. I also know most of you own RV's... so why exactly are you shoveling snow when you could be in the desert golfing?

DT found such a deal - $30 - at Woodhaven Country Club! We couldn't pass it up, as green fees climb to over $100 at most places in the Palm Spring area after January 1st every year. Woodhaven is a fairly short course and even provide a "senior citizen" tee box - which I happily played all day and found it really helped my score. Yeah, senior citizens!

Woodhaven Country Club is a private gated community, but the course is open to the public. The course is lined everywhere by seemingly hundreds of identical condos. If I lived here, it is most probable I would become completely disoriented and go to the wrong house several times a week. It is a bit strange and confusing. Anyway, the golf course was fun and pretty. We were paired with a very nice couple, Natalie and Herb, and their friendly personalities made for a great day on the links.

Because the course is short, they have added a lot of "trickery" and a lot of water. I lost a ball in the lake in the above photo, and later lost another into someone's patio. I will report to you, Dear Reader, knowing you will enjoy a good laugh: I shot 113. For me 113 is awesome and I was most pleased.

Of course, My Driver shot in the 80's.

You have no idea what it like to live with him.

A hot air balloon soared over the golf course late in the afternoon! So pretty and colorful. One day I am going find enough courage to go up in a hot air balloon. In Napa. Or over the Grand Canyon. Ayres Rock? Somewhere very pretty.


I mean it too.

By the time we finished playing it was nearly dark, and there was no flag in the cup on the 18th hole! Where was that hole anyway? We laughed so much about the missing flag. It was no where to be found. Unusual. We had played in golf shirts all day, but by the 15th hole, we had to put on sweaters. Chilly in the desert when the sun sets.

After golf, we were in serious need of sustenance, so headed over to one of our favorite restaurants in La Quinta - Fisherman's Market & Grill. The food is very good, very fresh and cooked to order. It is also very casual. Customers walk in the door and the menu is written on a massive chalkboard on the wall. You order at the counter and the food is brought to your table. Kind of like fancy fast food. Thing is, the restaurant is pretty expensive - the price you pay for fresh seafood flown into the desert daily.

The photos below are either a) really artsy or b) really bad. Sorry. Teeny purse camera.

Huge menu, literally

Make your choice, or...

take some fish home and cook it yourownself

Meals come with rice pilaf and Cole slaw. DT ordered grilled albacore.

I ordered grilled halibut ($24). I didn't want Cole slaw or rice pilaf and asked for a tossed salad instead. No problem. Healthy dinner. Delicious - and the fish was crispy on the corners and really moist inside. Just what I needed after swinging a club 113 times.

Props to My Dear Readers who have joined the RVGoddess.com fan page on facebook. I had no idea so many of you were already on facebook. What a bunch of hipsters! I hope the facebook page will turn into a fun place to really get to know you all better... since I pour out my thoughts (and even admit to my golf score) to you daily... it will be truly wonderful (and very interesting) to get to know YOU!

Until my next update, I remain, your "I'm taking a few Advil and going to bed" correspondent.

RV Park:  
Signature Resorts Motorcoach County Club.