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Perfect Saturday

Indio, California:  Though I suppose we will never experience such a glorious Saturday as last Saturday, but today was so lovely because it was so simple. We had no plans. No appointments. The Ducks are not playing until Thursday. The weather was perfect.

And Saturday is my rest day - no running. Yes!

Friends dropped by. Debbie & Mark stopped-in and we now actually have a spot for guests to sit. Perfect. 

Later, Dave and I decided to drive into Palm Desert to pick up a few things and we had a late lunch/early dinner at the Tommy Bahama Tropical Cafe. I did not finish my meal, so asked it to be boxed. The waiter accidentally tossed my meal. If you can believe it, they made me another to go! Perfect.

Driving home, DT commented that it was "chamber of commerce" weather. Barely a breeze. Clear skies. 80 degrees. Perfect.

Back at the ranch, we carried our new sofa over to the patio and watched college football on our outside RV television. Perfect.

The rumor we have left-over Oregon Pinot Noir from the wedding glow of the television brought in passers-by. A few corks may have been pulled. We enjoyed a glorious sunset. Perfect.

Until my next update, I remain, your perfectly happy correspondent.

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