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More Progress

Indio, California:  We had bad weather yesterday. Wind and clouds. It was great running in a bit cooler weather and it was nice sleeping without the air conditioner roaring overhead... but our view was a bit scary:

The storms - all throughout the Southwest yesterday - produced all sorts of wind, hail and torrential downpours causing flash flooding. Lisa and Lenny lost power at their house in Los Angeles for much of the day. It even rained a bit in Indio. Of course, we woke to glorious weather this morning, yet it was still under 75° for our morning jogs.

So much is going on. We have spent several hours over several days visiting a number of the (seemingly endless) patio furniture stores in the Coachella Valley. We are lousy customers. Furniture salespeople hate us. Because of our one-foot height difference, it is a rare chair that we both find comfortable. After visiting 7 stores, we both fell into an on-sale sofa at get-this-thing-out-of-our-store-prices, and knew instantly we had found our prize. Most outdoor furniture cushions are stiff. This sofa was soft. The sofa and chair-and-a-half were delivered today, along with a super-sale rocking chair that DT fell in love with.

We ordered a coffee table, etc., dining furniture and a few chairs to place around the fire pit; these items will be delivered in a few weeks... or so. There is the distinct possibility that I also ordered a bar cart.

No, wait.

I did.

In other exciting developments, our contractor came by with a truck full of bedding plants. Yellow bedding plants.

There are still additional flowers to be planted when the weather cools a bit. We have asked for a yellow climbing rose bush or two to be planted to climb up the brick wall of the casita. It is still too hot to plant roses. Soon. It is so strange to plant flowers in October. It is raining and cold in Oregon. Leaves falling. Upside down world.

In no time, those yellow flowers will take-over the flower bed. Yep. We are (for some reason) going with a green & yellow theme. GO DUCKS!

Until my next update, I remain, your nesting correspondent.

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