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Another Trip Around the Sun

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Trip Around the Sun
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Indio, California:  Dear Reader, I celebrated another birthday today. Yeah, I may be old, but I still have fun and I am a Bubbe, so who really cares about age? Not me. Grey hair rules!

In true Taylor fashion, we celebrated with food. Exercise. A really healthy lunch and a small (beefy) dinner.

My Driver took me to the Yard House in Rancho Mirage for lunch. I just love their Spicy Tuna Roll appetizer. They call it an appetizer, but I have yet to finish their tuna roll. The only ingredient cooked in this dish is the blanched soy beans (Edamame). It starts with a layer of chopped cucumber, then a layer of Edamame, then raw tuna (marinated in a spicy wasabi soy sauce), then avocado, then fresh greens and sprouts. The entire thing is then rolled in seaweed shards and served with more wasabi soy sauce and Sriracha sauce. $15. DT had a "California Roll" - same type of presentation, but with sushi rice, crab and avocado. Great lunch, especially with their delicious passion fruit iced tea. (And tons of football on the zillion televisions throughout the icy-cold restaurant.)

We watched more football and baseball this afternoon in our motorhome (and I needlepointed for quite a bit) before I began preparing a balsamic reduction sauce (on the outside stove!) for a strip steak. (We bought a 1+ pound strip steak and divided it into three portions. The other two steaks are in the freezer.)

Really, we just needed an excuse to open a bottle of that gorgeous Oregon Ponzi Pinot Noir Reserve left after the wedding.

Birthday Girl Flowers

Tina & Jim

Everyday, more motorcoaches are arriving at the resort for the "season". Many friends are stopping-in to see our new casita. We are quite happy to show-off our (still not completed) campsite.

Though this view is outstanding, we cannot brag about "chamber of commerce" weather today. It was 100 degrees. Not a hint of breeze.

My Driver did a fantabulous job searing grilling the strip steak. I did a fantabulous job on the balsamic reduction.

Beef... like birthdays... are best in moderation.

Miniature Chocolate Espresso Cake from Bristol Farms

Chocolate, however, should be enjoyed with abandon.

Until my next update, I remain, your well-traveled correspondent.

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