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Pedicures, Pastries & Purchases

Puerto Penasco, Mexico:  I am sure if I write again about 80-degree days, several of you will remove RVGoddess.com from your "favorites" list. I have no control over the weather. If it makes you feel any better, we had blustery winds all day again. Seriously, this was the nicest "weather day" we have had since arriving on Wednesday. There was quite a bit of activity as well, because this week is a national Mexican school holiday coinciding with Easter. Many tourists were in town and at the local resorts.

Running in the wind is not a lot of fun. I ran a circuit around the campground - five times - equaling just over three miles. At certain points, due to the strong winds, it felt as if I were on a treadmill... the legs were turning-over, but I wasn't going anywhere. After my exercise and a hot shower, I was rewarded by a beach-side pedicure:

I will admit this is not the most flattering photograph ever taken. (I need to hone-up on my Photoshop skills so I could look like Angelina having a pedicure at a spa in Italy?) Nice hair, Terry! It was windy. But I was having a pedicure - from two girls - on a beach in Mexico! One girl per foot. How convenient! I am a world-renown germ freak, so insisted the girls use my own tools, creams, appliances, scrubbers and foot bath... because I just happen to have all this equipment with me at all times.

I am not the RV Goddess for nothing.

A beachside pedicure in Puerto Penasco is $15. Plus tip.

Today, Dad went into the fish market and bought a huge supply of white fish and shrimp. He then spent the afternoon freezing and vacuum-sealing his prize.

The carnival has arrived in town for the week-long holiday.

Dave and I went into town in the afternoon to stock up on veggies and we also made a stroll through the bakery.

DT loves Mexican-style cookies. He will buy them all over the Southwest and at home also. I do not care of the sweets myself. To me, they taste like shortening and sugar. 


How about cake instead?

Or shell cookies?

This is a donut. Any country. Any language. A donut with chocolate icing and a vanilla swirl. A team of ten-year-old baseball players were buying these donuts after their (victorious) game. Go Goats!

I would tell you what these were, but I went into a diabetic coma after taking this photo.

Just kidding.

After a successful veggie-shopping trip, we headed back to our RV, taking a drive-through visit at Playa Bonita RV Resort where we have camped previously. We love Playa Bonita - they are closer to town and have a great/cheap restaurant for a fun happy hour... but... the sites in the campground are SO CLOSE together! Sardine City. RV Rodeo. We have stayed here where it was impossible to even put our awning out or it would crash into our neighbor. We prefer a little space and - let's face it folks - our bus is huge. We did find a very cool fifth-wheel trailer camped at Playa Bonita today:

We think we are hot stuff by having a custom paint job on our RV.

We are obviously amateurs.

If Jimmy Buffett had a fifth wheel...

Back at the ranch, we had the nightly visit from our favorite bobble-head vendors. The photos I snapped last night were printed and I gave the photos to Fernando (age 9).

Fernando needs an agent.

His sister, Selena, is also a charmer.

But My Driver will only buy bobble-head creatures from the baby of the family - Samantha.

We have been here four days.

We have 15 bobble-head animals.

Until my next update, I remain, your bankrupt correspondent.

RV Park:  The Reef RV Park - Hundreds of campsites, all in sand. 30 & 50 amp power, water and sewer. Some power hookups are shared - one camper gets the 50 amp, and their neighbor has to use the 30 amp. This campground is popular with ATVers, families and many Canadians spend the winter here. A regular campsite (non-ocean front) is $150 week.