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Land, Sea & Air

Puerto Penasco, Mexico:  Last night, Dave, Dad and I went to dinner in town with fellow campers. We enjoyed another good dinner at La Curva Restaurant and returned to the campground... where we discovered there was no water service throughout the entire RV park. Not sure why, but it was dark, late and we had water in our tank to last us overnight.

In the morning we discovered the cause of the water troubles. Last night a RV pulled-out of the campground - heading for home - without first removing their water hose from the spigot. Oops. They drove away and actually ripped the main water pipe - serving the entire campground - out of the ground! Water was spouting everywhere. It was late. The campground owner simply turned off the water system and went to bed.


A few guys showed up around nine o'clock this morning and by noon we all had water again.

Except no one is here.

All the Weekend Warriors have packed-up their ATV's, loaded-up their toy haulers and have headed back to Phoenix or Tucson.

Literally two dozen campers are here (in a campground with over one hundred sites). We have formed our own small village. Mayoral elections are Wednesday.

I was very busy today preparing for Passover, but I still saw a lot of interesting things on the land, in the sea and air around the campground today. I did not leave the RV park all day. Why would I? The weather was in the low 80's, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

I saw this handsome fellow wading into the sea after his morning run.

I saw hundreds of gulls.

I saw an Osprey hunting/fishing.

I saw flocks of pelicans.

I saw a teeny airplaney thing.

I saw a "hang glider with some sort of noisy engine" thing.

I saw our neighbor, Britt, walking her dog, Mandy... or possibly I saw Mandy dragging Britt up and down the beach.

I saw dolphins!

I saw this rascal sell DT two more bobble-head creatures.

I saw the moon rise.

I saw the sun set.

Happy Passover.

Until my next update, I remain your observant correspondent.

RV Park:  The Reef RV Park - Hundreds of campsites, all in sand. 30 & 50 amp power, water and sewer. Some power hookups are shared - one camper gets the 50 amp, and their neighbor has to use the 30 amp. This campground is popular with ATVers, families and many Canadians spend the winter here. A regular campsite (non-ocean front) is $150 week.