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Another day at the beach

Puerto Penasco, Mexico:  I am happy to report all is well and I did not leave the RV park all day. I just enjoyed the beach and the local surroundings today. We were up relatively early (for us) and enjoyed coffee without a gale-force wind and ran in the glorious sunshine - before the gale-force winds again invaded the beach. Dang.

Still, if we placed our chairs just-right behind our bus, we could avoid the wind and enjoy the sunshine in calm... except for the steady stream of vendors parading by.

I think the flowers made of corn husks are exquisite. Colorful. But what in the heck would I do with them? Sure makes a pretty photo. By now, I am just thanking the vendors for stopping-by and wishing them good luck in their daily sales.

Except for Sandra.

When Sandra stops by (daily) we always buy a bobble-head creature from her. Today, we bought a ladybug. One dollar.

Whether we need it or not.

And we did not need a bobble-head ladybug.

But who can resist Sandra?

Thank goodness Sandra isn't selling BMW's.

This dude parked his boat in front of our campsite for a while this afternoon. He was hoping for a customer to ride on the "Banana Boat" he tows - at high speeds - behind his motorboat. Kids love to bump along on the Banana Boat. I don't think he found any customers in our RV park this afternoon.

This evening Samantha and her sister again made an appearance to sell DT more bobble-head creatures. Tonight My Dear Driver purchased three animals to add to his collection. DT vigorously scours through their assortment to secure only the finest specimens. The girls know they are not dealing with an amateur. They know a true sucker connoisseur when the find one.

I printed the photos I snapped last night of Samantha and her siblings and gave them to the kids tonight when they returned to our campsite. The kids love to have photos of themselves - as do kids all over the world. However, their older brother did not appreciate the fact I did not print a photo of him alone yesterday... so he asked if he could pose for me today.

Okay, so maybe my Spanish isn't so good... but if Fernando isn't a ham...

Hey, Lady, take my photo.

I am awesome.

I told Fernando (in my broken Spanish) that I would have the photos for him tomorrow and I would charge him "only" five peso (45-cents US) each. He was bargaining with me as he strolled off towards home.

The sun was going down. Happy Hour began. Friendly neighbors came by with appetizers and cocktails.

This very differently-colored cinnamon Rock Dove strolled-by as well.

This afternoon I baked two peach crostatas - one for us, and another for our next door neighbor's, Paul & Britt. I made the whole-wheat crust and the peaches came from Gina & Steve's ranch. I know I shouldn't rave on food I made myself, but this dessert was just yummy. Buttery. Sweet. Peachy. Thank you Gina for the lovely peaches. Perfect!

This is Mandy. Mandy is a Bernese Mountain Dog - owned by our campground neighbors, Britt & Paul. They are from Durango, Colorado. Mandy wasn't too sure about us, but since we are allowed to give her one doggie cookie (each) per day, Mandy now thinks we are okay. Mandy isn't a year old yet, but is very well behaved and incredibly sweet. We love this dog.

But the sun was setting - look at my shadow taking this photo - looking towards town.

Everyone was finishing cocktails and getting ready for dinner.

DT snapped this sunset photo just as we went inside for the evening.

Probably, possibly, maybe, tomorrow we will do something. Maybe. Maybe not.

It's not like I have a basketball team to cheer for any longer. 

Rat farts.

Until my next update, I remain, your beach bum correspondent.

RV Park:  The Reef RV Park - Hundreds of campsites, all in sand. 30 & 50 amp power, water and sewer. Some power hookups are shared - one camper gets the 50 amp, and their neighbor has to use the 30 amp. This campground is popular with ATVers, families and many Canadians spend the winter here. A regular campsite (non-ocean front) is $150 week.