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Patient + Farm Report

Indio, California:  Dave had his one-week post-op checkup with his surgeon. All is well. After removing the bandages (on Sunday), we discovered only two small puncture-type incision. So small, in fact, they are not even stitched closed, but covered with crisscrossed tape. The doctor went over photos of the torn meniscus and showed us how the meniscus tear was cleaned up. He told Dave to slowly begin normal activity, except no swimming for another week or two (due to the incision).

My Driver has tossed the crutches and is back to using a cane, which I am sure he will leave behind in a few days time. He also stopped taking the pain meds after three days, used Advil for a few days, and has now gone cold turkey.

The other big event is the weather. Finally, after two months of gloomy cold rain and cloudy skies, Mother Nature flipped on the "Palm Springs" weather switch and we now have sunny days and temperatures into the 80s. Without a doubt, this has been the worst-weather winter we have spent in the desert. The parched dry drought-suffering land needed the rain.

Motorcoach Country Club - Indio, California

And look at all that glorious snow on the surrounding mountains!

Motorcoach Country Club - view across golf course to the Club House

With such beautiful weather (and such a beautiful vista), Dave should be back to jogging in no time. 

One more item to share: gardening. Due to the cold weather, our little kitchen garden was planted late. We had decided to not plant tomatoes at all, and just stick with the usual herb assortment... but I found a massive Roma tomato plant at the garden shop. It was organic and it was only $12, so it came home with me. This giant thing consumes a full one-third of our "farm land" and offers no option for crop rotation.

Loaded with blossoms when purchased, after only three or four weeks in this pot, the plant has already set a few olive-sized fruit. Is there a Caprese Salad in our future?

Three brick posts and three pots - one with a tomato and the other two with assorted herbs: basil, parsley, mint, rosemary, oregano, thyme. The pots are irrigated.

Until my next update, I remain, your farming correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club