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Back in the Saddle

Indio, California:  I am pleased to report My Driver continues to make a fantastic recovery from his arthroscopic knee surgery 12 days ago.

The bandages are off. The swelling is minimal. Dave can't walk without use of a cane, but he can ride his bike! It is still quite amusing to watch his attempts to mount and dismount the bicycle, but once he is on the thing - boy, can he go!

Dave feels it will be quite some time before he will attempt jogging, but as long as he can get some form of exercise he is a Happy Camper. 

I am also a very Happy Camper as Mary and Captain Jim brought me a gift:

A new apron! Though, truth be told, I will cook for dang near anyone, my best recipes are kept for the Dearly Devoted Duck fans in my realm. Thank you, Dear Friends, for this very useful gift.

Speaking of the Ducks, last evening we went to a fancy country club for a cocktail reception/buffet dinner as a prelude to the annual Ducks in the Desert golf tournament. Though still impossible for my sweetheart to swing a golf club, we attended the reception with Woody and Kathy. Not only was the University President in attendance, the new Oregon football coach, Willie Taggart, spoke to the rapt crowd. Fun night with fun people. Go Ducks!

Trustee Meetings begin today, so Dave will be in meetings during the day, and I will attend social functions with him in the evenings.

Then, we are going to Las Vegas.

Until my next update, I remain, your busy correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club