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Pathetic Attempt

Indio, California:  I am happy to report My Driver felt some relief after his treatment this morning! He still is in a lot of pain, but this is the first positive response since our arrival in Indio, so I happily report the news.

Think Good Thoughts.

Dave felt well enough after his doctor appointment to visit Fisherman's Market & Grill for lunch. Can't pass-up their famous Baja Fish Tacos, made (ironically enough) with Alaskan cod. At lunchtime, two tacos and fries (or cole slaw, or tossed greens) are only $7.99.

I'm of the mind they put enough cabbage on their tacos, so no need to order cole slaw. Just sayin'. (I slogged a few loops around the resort this morning.)

Chef/Traveler/Writer/Celebrity Drinker Anthony Bourdain visited a Fisherman's outlet, Shanghai Red's, in Palm Springs two years ago. Here is a video explaining their amazing fish tacos:

We had ordered Lamb Shoulder with Vegetables over Orecchiette (little ears!) pasta from the airline dinner menu for our flight to Taiwan. (EVA let you choose your meals in advance!) Making a seriously pathetic attempt to pretend we are on the trip to Taipei, I made this dish (from scratch, using no recipe, because I had no idea how airline catering would prepare such a recipe) for our dinner tonight.

Not 100% sure, but I am guessing my version was certainly as good as airline food? Not to mention, my version was organic.

Dave's old co-workers have arrived in Taiwan and are sending us photos, text messages and posting on FaceBook. We are so happy for them.

And so sad for us.

Imagine seeing the Super Moon from 37000 feet!

DT heads back for more therapy tomorrow morning. Actually every morning this week... and beyond.

Until my next update, I remain, your grounded correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club