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The Man Who Can’t Do Nothing

Indio, California:  Our days are beginning to have a routine - and we have only been in Indio a week. DT has a doctor/therapy/chiropractic/massage appointment in the morning. Then we go to lunch. He rests, does his exercises and ices much of the rest of the time.

This, Dear Reader, is the Big Problem. DT can't be idle. Spending a few moments each day with the New York Times crossword is about all the down-time he usually has in a day. I joked, years ago, while we were traveling through the Navajo Nation, if Dave had a Native American name, it would be: The Man Who Can't Do Nothing. Poor grammar aside, the guy is usually in constant motion. He just can't sit around.

Dave hasn't jogged for 13 days.

After his therapy, DT is feeling good. Though he can't really walk upright, due to terrible pain, he will go to lunch on the way home from the doctor. We have been visiting our old haunts. The owners have greeted us like old friends. I assume local restaurateurs are happy the snow birds are beginning to flock back to the desert.

This afternoon, we visited El Mexicali Cafe, our favorite dive on the railroad tracks in Indio. Family-run, lots of fun and very, very decent Mexican food. If a train doesn't pass behind the restaurant - shaking your bones - you really haven't been to El Mexicali.

Cheese enchiladas and rice from El Mexicali

Tostada and fried taco

Another delicious, inexpensive lunch. A taco a day keeps the doctor hunger pangs away.  

For the first time since our arrival last week to the Motorcoach Country Club, My Driver felt well enough for a sunset cruise around the resort in our golf cart. See! He is slowly improving. What a glorious sunset we witnessed this evening:

Reminder: This is a campground. We are camping. In a RV.

Since we cannot be in Taiwan for the big 40-year celebration, I cooked DT a favorite dish from our Taiwan days - Black Pepper Tofu. This (vegan) dish is simply delicious, a little spicy, super easy to prepare (everything but a quick stir-fry is done in advance) and is so pretty, so authentic, so healthy and has no unfamiliar ingredients.

Unless you think tofu is unfamiliar.

The docs are giving Dave a day-of-rest tomorrow. You and I know he will not, but at least he does not have to go to a medical clinic for one day.

Until my next update, I remain, your peppery correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club