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Palm Trees & Swimming Pools

Bakersfield, California:  As much as I tried, as far as my tippy-toes would allow, I could not get a photo of the Google self-driving cars today. Not only me. The fencing is so tall and so well covered in scrim, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar would also fail.

DT and I spent the morning with Mom, before saying or goodbyes and hitching up the Jeep (easier every time!) to continue our southerly trek to the Motorcoach Country Club.

But - aha! - as we were getting ready to leave Castle RV Park, a great view of the cars was visible from my elevated passenger seat!

This shot was taken through the windscreen of the motorhome

This one as well, with my 300mm lens

So... if you didn't know about the Google Self-Driving Car project and came upon a top-secret hidden locale with cars driving around on their own, would you considering phoning Homeland Security? We watched a normal car (with a driver) passing the self-driver car (also with a driver, just-in-case-I-suppose) then move in front of the self-driver and putting on his brakes to test how the self-driving car would react. It reacted perfectly. Very interesting project. Wouldn't it be amazing if this old blind Granny would take her self-driving car to the grocer?

Truth be told, my new Jeep will also slam on the brakes by-its-own-self if about to rear-end another car.

We (and by "we" I mean DT; our motorhome still requires a driver) drove straight south on Highway 99 to Bakersfield and arrived to the Bakersfield RV Resort resort at 4p. This park is great and we like to stay here on our way to/from Portland/Indio.

Well... looky there... a few palm trees behind our motorhome.

Swimming pool!

Roses! In November!

We patronized the restaurant at the RV resort (always fun) for a cocktail while watching Marcus Mariota v Jacksonville, but returned at half-time to enjoy Thursday night soup. Tonight, (frozen) chili leftover from Halloween.

You know. Camping food.

Until my next update, I remain, your Bakersfield correspondent.

RV PARK:  Bakersfield RV Resort. A usual stop for us on our way north/south. Long pull-through gravel sites with 50-amp, water, sewer, cable and wifi. Swimming pool, hot tub, bathhouse, laundry, restaurant, bar, store. We paid $41 with our Good Sam discount.