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Still in Merced

Merced, California:  Sorry not a lot of updates lately, but we are spending time with family and friends and there isn't a lot to report other than the Google self-driving carsare busy day and night at their test drive facility set-up here in the now-closed Castle Air Base where we are camped

Mom is doing well, but does not like her photograph taken. We have been visiting at her apartment in a care facility. They keep the residents pretty busy with activities and field trips (a trip to the zoo and a visit to Michael's Craft Shop this week), plus a one-week-early Thanksgiving dinner are on the current schedule. 

Dave and I have not been in California but a few days and already have consumed our annual In-N-Out burger. Dang. It is going to be a long winter in the desert.

Guess we will have to survive on tacos until we head north in the spring?

I had a cheeseburger (with fried onions, i.e. "animal style"), DT had a burger and a coffee. Our lunch was less than $7 total and gourmet all the way.

Listen to me. The "secret" of the "secret menu" at In-N-Out is that the fries are really not worth the calories. Just not that good. Just have a burger already.

Listen to me.

Have I ever steered you wrong?

I said Steer... 

I. Am. So. Funny.

DT and Brother Bill took Mom to her occupational therapist appointment this afternoon and later the brothers (and their lovely wives) met downtown at a local Italian restaurant for dinner. Always fun to spend an evening around a pasta-and-wine-filled table with family!

We are a ridiculously attractive family.

NOTE TO READERS: I will attempt to photograph the self-driving cars tomorrow, but the shielded fences are super high security and I am super low height. Stay tuned.

Until my next update, I remain, your modest correspondent.

RV PARK:  Castle Air Museum Family Camp. A very small campground (like a parking lot with hook-ups) between Merced and Atwater. 50-amp sites, with water and sewer. No bathhouse. No cable. It's the only show in town. $25 per night.