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Palm Oasis Hike

Borrego Springs, California:  We spent the day in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park hiking up to the Palm Canyon Oasis. Though we have hiked this canyon many (many) times, we never fail to find something different on the trail and it is always an enjoyable day - and we always have sore knees the next day.

For instance, this is the first time we had seen a roadrunner in the park - though we see roadrunners every day in the Borrego Springs area. This lucky bird was busy catching a lizard and didn't really notice us (or my camera).

On the way into the canyon, we met a couple who had seen a Big Horned Sheep - a ram - cross behind them on the trail and head straight up the side of the canyon. Dave watched the ram climb up the hill, but no matter how hard he tried to point-out the ram, I could not find it on the hillside. Drat.

No matter. I was a hiker on a mission. This is a fairly easy hike. If you have long legs. If you have two eyes. All five-feet of me struggled over the large boulders.

About 3/4 of the way up the canyon, suddenly there is water in the creek. The sound of the water is so lovely - especially on a hot day (and it was quite warm today).

Such a lovely sound!

And with all the water, plants are green and flowering.

The canyon has suffered quite a bit after the rain storm last year and the trail has been rerouted on several sections.

And then the oasis is in site! Surrounded by springs, bogs, streams and green grasses, the end of the canyon is truly an oasis in the desert - supporting countless species of flora and fauna.

There are many waterfalls at the oasis.

And the palm trees create a cool spot to enjoy a picnic.

My Driver - at the palm oasis in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.

After lunch, we began our hike back down the canyon, this time taking the "alternative" trail to the parking area. Good thing we did, as we came across a group of Peninsular Big Horn Sheep - all rams!

Hello, Oregonians.

This big guy was sitting on a boulder above five other rams. (This sheep wore a green tag.)

DT snapped this photo of (at least) four other sheep below the dude on the boulder.

After our hike, I could only think of three things: the hot tubs in the RV resort, Advil and a martini! We took a soak, I took a few Advil and we went to Carlee's (119 menu items!) for dinner and the bartender, Dave, made a lovely martini. We ran into two other people we knew from our visit last year. It's like we are regulars in Borrego. Such a lovely little town.

LEO UPDATE:  Our little grandson will be six months old tomorrow and had his check-up this morning. He is growing like a weed - already 27 inches tall. I am now much less than three feet taller than a six month old baby. Tonight, Lenny & Lisa gave Leo his first bite of something other than mother's milk - banana.

Lisa sent this photo of Leo tasting "food" for the first time. Leo has a new high chair (the label on the tray has yet to be removed!). Apparently he loved the banana and he loved the spoon. Not sure which he enjoyed more. Why do babies grow so quickly?

Until my next update, I remain, your sore correspondent.

RV Park:  The Springs in Borrego RV Resort. This place has it all. Long pull-through and a few back-in sites. All full service. Fabulous pool and spring-fed hot spring hot tubs. Rec rooms, fitness center, organized outings and happy hours, regulation 9-hole golf course and the best dog run we have ever seen. We are paying $65 per night. Ouch.