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A Snake in the Sand

Borrego Springs, California:  Another glorious day in the desert! DT had a conference call and had to work much of the morning, but in the afternoon we went for an adventure. Yesterday, Reader Cin had left a message in the comment section about a new sculpture in the nearby desert - so we had to go find the serpent!

How cool is this? It is actually even cooler than it seems because this photo was taken from the road, and there are two more segments on the other side of the road!

DT is usually terrified of snakes.

Not me! I scratched his belly!

The detail is simply amazing.

Across the road is the rattler! The serpent is one of the most outstanding statues to date in the 139 pieces of art Ricardo A. Breceda has "installed" in the desert surrounding Borrego Springs.

While I was on my run this morning, I noticed a crane delivering (what appeared to be) another sculpture far off in the desert, so I asked My Driver to take me to the spot and see if my bad eyes were deceiving me. Not only did we find two sculptures being placed in the sand, we were lucky enough to meet the artist, Ricardo Breceda!

Breceda (right) and an assistant were waiting for cement to cure - holding down this grasshopper-type creature. Breceda was quite friendly and answered all our (many) questions. He said it takes around 3 months to create a creature and they are delivered in pieces and assembled on-site. All works are commissioned by land-owner Dennis Avery.

Facing the grasshopper, Ricardo Breceda is installing a scorpion. (The stinger has yet to be welded in place.) After all the years we have been visiting Borrego Springs and crawling around the desert to find the sculptures - it was so wonderful to meet the artist!

SLOGGER REPORT:  I had a very good run this morning. I tried to convince myself that I should have a day of rest, but then remembered how much I enjoy running in the desert in Borrego Springs! Let's face it - there are not many places where you can jog by true-to-size mastodon statues! I also remembered the fabulous natural hot mineral pools/spas at our RV resort and the left-over celery soup and jalapeno pizza roll-ups waiting in the fridge. I ran over four miles. (Running less than three miles isn't worth wrastlin' myself into a sports bra. Don't forget there's a double-D in GoDDess.) I came across only a few automobiles on my run, and was thrilled to be cheered-on by a group of over 30 cyclists - surprised to find an old lady jogging in the middle of nowhere.

Until my next update, I remain, your "January, where did you go?" correspondent.

RV Park:  The Springs in Borrego RV Resort. This place has it all. Long pull-through and a few back-in sites. All full service. Fabulous pool and spring-fed hot spring hot tubs. Rec rooms, fitness center, organized outings and happy hours, regulation 9-hole golf course and the best dog run we have ever seen. We are paying $65 per night. Ouch.