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Over-Night Babysitting Gig

Indio, California: So sad that in a city of 17 million, Lisa and Lenny could not find a babysitter for Saturday night. 

Just kidding.

They were going to a dinner party and we volunteered to babysit when their regular sitter was not available. We drove over yesterday and returned this afternoon, leaving Indio's 80 degree sunshine for 64 degree rain in Los Angeles. Seriously, we headed over to Los Angeles with air conditioning and ended up with the furnace blowing on our toes by the time we arrived in chilly and damp Los Angeles. It poured rain all night.

It was a pretty sweet gig:

1. We watched-over the Cutest Baby Ever.

2. He was wearing an Oregon football jersey (De'Anthony Thomas, #6, a running back who is also on the track team!!!).

3. Parents left at 6:30. Baby was asleep by eight o'clock.

4. Parents left us pizza money and a bottle of pinot grigio.

We fed Leo dinner (pasta, sweet potatoes and green beans and possibly a cookie, gave him a bath (pretty sure he was cleaner after the bath than before, but no guarantees), read Leo a book, rocked him to sleep and ordered our pizza. DT and I were asleep long before the 'rents returned.

Pretty - and unusual - flowers on Lisa and Lenny's dining table.

Leo slept for over 12 hours. I attribute this to Grandpa chasing Leo around the kitchen island approximately 3,593 times after dinner. The baby woke in excellent spirits and dined on Cheerios and an entire banana.

Leo is 16 months old today

I'm not going to quit my day job, but this babysitting business is a pretty sweet deal.

Until my next update, I remain, your happy correspondent.

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