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Tetrazzini Trial

Indio, California: Just when I think things are calming down, we had another crazy busy day. Our contractor is trying to finish-up the few remaining details on our build-out so we can settle-up financially and he can move on to his other twenty clients in this resort who need him desperately.

Arnold is more popular than that chick from the teenage vampire movies.

It has been raining buckets at our home in Oregon and it has been raining buckets in Los Angeles. We have been dry in the SoCal desert, but had clouds all day for the first time since we arrived several weeks ago.

Still, it was 77 degrees.

Enough about the weather.

Back at the ranch... the lava rock has been installed in our fire pit.

Some day, Little Leo will make S'mores around this fire.

Sadly (or happily) wood fires are not permitted in this RV resort.

Arnold's electrician, Rueben, was here for several hours this afternoon. He added two lights above the wall in the dining/bar area and also put all the outside lamps on photo cells so they will automatically light only when it is dark.

I fed Reuben freshly-baked (organic) Scottish Shortbread cookies.

A girl doesn't want to shake her martini in the dark.

Tonight Debbie & Mark joined us for dinner as I experimented yet again with my tetrazzini recipe.

One day I will get it right.


I will.

I know.

It looks so delicious.

So close, yet, so far.

Since Mark and Dave have been friends since middle-school, he forgave me this experiment in pasta-paloozaness.

Thought the pasta was not perfect, it was another great night with our friends. They so enjoyed Lisa & Lenny's wedding cake, from Juliette's Bakery in La Quinta (dark chocolate cake with salted caramel filling and Italian buttercream frosting), Debbie ordered the same cake - whoa, smaller version - for Mark's birthday ten days ago. They had just a bit of the cake on his birthday, froze the rest and brought some to our place tonight. It was lovely for us to celebrate Mark's birthday again and to remember Lisa and Lenny's wedding again. A delicious cake and a fun evening with wonderful friends.

Until my next update, I remain, your Shabbat Shalom correspondent.

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