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Out in the World Again

La Quinta, California: Being totally vaccinated, we are beginning to venture out a bit. I have been to a grocer (wearing a mask as required in California... and I would wear a mask even if it were not required). We have invited (fully-vaccinated) friends for cocktails on the patio. Dave and I bought this house in July 2020, but Mary & Captain Jim (one mile away!) had yet to see our new home. Not only has that situation been rectified, they invited us for dinner at the Motorcoach Country Club Sunday night. This was the first time we had been to a restaurant since March 2020... and ironically... it was to the restaurant at the Motorcoach Country Club. So nice to spend time with people! So nice to have someone else shake my martini. A great evening.

It was Italian Night, so... Chicken Piccata. Delish.

Our only other excursions are exercising inside the walls of our country club and golfing. The weather has really heated-up, and many seasonal residents are returning to their summer homes. Easier to snag a tee time.

So many roses bushes are loaded with blooms.

And the Palo Verde trees are loaded with glorious color.

Evil Hole #7. We had a quick round today and I "out-drove" My Driver five times. Usually, I only out-drive him one or two times a round, but DT landed in a lake twice and I was whacking them today. (Of course, I play from the forward tees and he plays from the white tees... but still.)

Did ya' miss me? Don't you wish you could have seen me hit my pretty pink golf ball in this pond? I did, and shot 134.

Lucile and Leo start school this week. I mean, they are actually physically going to their school for the first time in 403 days. Just a few hours each day, but it is a start. The Four L's are coming for a visit this weekend to celebrate Dave's birthday. I'm going to bake a cake.

Until my next update, I remain, your "I'm not a member of the LPGA" correspondent.

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  1. I don’t respond very often, but wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog. I check every day to see if you have posted something new. I’m so happy you’re once again out and about and look forward to your springtime and summer adventures. I really enjoy your sense of humor, Although I’m not as culinary gifted as you are, your recipes and methods have really taught me a lot and have encouraged me to try things I would have thought difficult.

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