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Food Photos + Some News

La Quinta, California: A busy week at Taylor Manor. Without the children here, and being fully vaccinated, we have finally scheduled a few repairs to the house. Remember the white shutters we ordered in June? The ones that were installed months and months later... only to have four door shutters made incorrectly? Yes, the four door shutters were installed this week. FINALLY. Ridiculous.

And, a handyman was hired to change lightbulbs. Honestly. Doesn't that sound crazy? Or lazy? However, the THREE light fixtures mounted on a 14-foot-high ceiling (in the master closet!), hold 3 bulbs each, and are enclosed inside glass domes. I'm not really excited about My Driver getting up on a 10-12 foot ladder (which we do not own), but now there are only two working bulbs, so soon we would be dressing in the dark. Best to hire a professional... or maybe Kareem? This home is lovely, but it certainly has its quirks. Like 14 feet ceilings in a closet. Today our closet went from looking like a cave, to looking like a landing strip. At night.

The real reason we hired this particular handyman? He is an expert "art installer" (picture hanger) and the mirror purchased to hang above the bar cabinet weighed a zillion pounds and the wall is sheetrock with no convenient studs, so... DT refused the job.

And now for some very good news! We sold our lot at the Motorcoach Country Club, and it closed yesterday. At the same time, we knew people who had an indoor RV garage they would not be using, so we leased it from them for a year. The timing of these two transactions was perfect! Now our bus is stored out of the sun, until we take her on a trip this summer.

American White Pelican

We will miss this view, but since we live so close to MCC, we can still see our friends... as soon as everyone is vaccinated, and we are able to venture out a bit more.

It was quite a busy day yesterday. First we met with our friends to get access to the RV storage facility, then we went to MCC to prepare the bus for travel. The Magna Peregrinus (Great Wanderer) had not wandered since 14 October 2019. This lot may have the best view in the resort, but is the most difficult to access. No slant to this parking pad. DT only needed three tries to exit the site. I followed him in the car to the nearby storage place and he backed the RV into her shady new home.

It was 99 degrees yesterday, and by the time we returned home, we were both tired, hot, sweaty, and starving. The complicated, many-ingredient soup I had planned to prepare became easy turkey burgers I had in the freezer for the grandchildren... consumed at our living room bar... while watching The Masters via the DVR.

I promise there was also a martini.

Until my next update, I remain, your "one property owning" correspondent.

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  1. So happy for you on your sale! We’re still up for sale and discouraged, but not really in a huge hurry. Vaccinated and free as well! Have a great summer!

  2. Congrats on the sale and the timing. I acquired 2 sets of antique cast iron brackets that I finally found the perfect use over our bar. Hired a contractor who actually removed the sheet rock in the pantry to reinforce the wall…love the look. I knew I would use them….10 plus years later.

  3. Congratulations on the sale of your lot! I hope you have a wonderrful time on your future RV trips.

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