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Our Casita

Indio, California: My Dad's sister and her husband are in town, so stopped by to see our little campsite. Dad had told his sister we had built "a covered patio". After seeing our new casita, my Aunt does not think her brother is very good at description.

Today I am posting photos of our casita build-out on our lot in the Motorcoach Country Club. The job is 99.9% complete. Our contractor has yet to find the third pot to complete the trilogy of planters we will use to grow herbs. Arnold is just not exactly sure where the pot is located, but apparently it has been seen and will be delivered "this week".

Anyway, while we were away in Oregon over the summer, this...

... became this:

And, then there was this whole situation:


became this

On the far right is our "casita", which, by regulation, can only be 9x13. Something about zoning regulations, because anything larger than 9x13 is a "building" and not an "utility shed"? Our casita/utility shed has a toilet, sink and shower at one end (behind a pocket door), and the rest is storage. We keep our bicycles and pool towels in the casita.

White box above bathroom door is an air conditioner/
heater. It is nearly silent is uses very little electricity.

Just outside the casita, is a kitchen that includes a beverage fridge/ice maker, sink, small dishwasher and a gas range.

The living area has a gas fireplace. A television pops-up from behind the fireplace when needed. (Television theft had been an ongoing problem in this resort, and thieves have yet to figure out how to steal the pop-up televisions. Luckily, televisions are getting so large, they are difficult for robbers to carry/conceal.) That said, one day we are going to push the button to view the television and it will be gone.

The floors are ceramic tile. We had our contractor use quite a bit of brick and we are very pleased with his artistic flair and eye for detail. He installed ceiling fans and ceiling heaters. A misting system is in place. Rope lighting is concealed under the coved ceiling. Everything, and I mean everything, is on a dimmer.

The four openings between the pillars are capped with drop-down screens. They operate via remote control, and work independently of each other.

The screens keep out the sun and the wind - and provide privacy. With the screens down in the evening, and the fireplace burning, we are toasty warm.

Screens are down

You can't see in, but you can see out!

Behind the covered area is an open patio with a gas fire pit.

This shady area is a great spot for reading, recovering with an ice pack a bottle of water after a run and serves perfectly as a cozy private sunset viewing area.

And you just can't beat our beautiful view down the canal.

I have to add that much of this design is Arnold's. I drew the floorplan. DT figured out all the electrical/plumbing needs for the casita and RV. We chose the lamps, appliances, brick, granite and tile. We left wall color, doors, windows, cabinets - and much more - up to Arnold. It's not that we didn't care, it is that we were busy planning a wedding, not in Indio, and - as I have stated before - Arnold has better taste than most anyone. In the end, the granite and brick we chose were not available, so we told Arnold to decide. We think he did a great job.

Except for a missing pot.

Until my next update, I remain, your architectural correspondent..

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