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Eight Things

Indio, California: Eight things I have been meaning to tell you...

1. The immense power of the RV Goddess website delivered results today. Our contractor could not locate the mysterious third vessel, so brought three new pots. I hope we like the pots, because Arnold's employee sealed the vases onto the floor while we were out. The pots are on a drip system. Arnold also installed landscape lighting into the pots. Do we need to shine light on our basil and rosemary? What do you think?

Tomorrow, Arnold says he will deliver rock and potting soil for the pots. What do you think? The long-awaited climbing yellow rose was also planted on the street-side wall of the casita this afternoon. (It's like our contractor wants to close the books on this job ASAP.) The rose bush is massive. I will give the rose-free rose bush a few days to settle-in before snapping a photograph. Next, DT and I will take a trip to the nursery to purchase a few herbs and maybe a tomato for our three pots. 2. We met a man who spends his winters in the Palm Springs area. We were talking about tacos. He told us his favorite tacos are from McDonalds. $1 each. Seriously? With a taco shop on virtually every corner in town? McDonald's? 50 miles from the Mexican border? I visited the McDonalds website and could find no information about a taco. Please tell me there is no such thing as a McTaco. Please tell me he was joking. 3. We recently pulled into a grocery parking lot and noticed a gorgeous, fancy, expensive, teeny, foreign and very red sports car taking up two parking spaces. The driver had decided to protect the glossy paint job from wandering grocery carts and flinging car doors by parking in the middle of two parking spots. Then we saw the driver of the fancy car leave the grocery store with a cart loaded with groceries. The shopper unloaded the groceries into the car, abandoned the cart in the parking space and drove away. Come on.

4. Though you may be sad to no longer hear about Duck football, you can celebrate reading about Duck basketball. Tonight the Ducks beat #4 Arizona in Eugene. Football coach, Chip Kelly, was at the game. In other sporting news, I am most happy to report Oregon running back De'Anthony Thomas was at track practice today. Be still my heart.

5. Our weather has taken a bad turn. DT's golf game was cancelled. We suffered through a terrible wind/sand storm today, hunkering down in our motorhome for much of the afternoon, awnings in, satellite dishes stowed... slowly becoming a bit nauseous. Sea sickness on the land. It may freeze overnight. 6. The weather called for a pot of soup. There was a pound of hot Italian chicken sausage from New Seasons Market in our freezer, so I whipped up a pot of my Lasagna Soup.Yes. It was this delicious. Make this soon.

7. The Rolling Stones are rumored to be appearing at Coachella this April.

8. I see the same man along my jogging route in Indio several days per week. For the past three winters, we have exchanged pleasantries. He is a German native, so it gives me a chance to practice my rapidly-diminishing German language skill. This week he mentioned that a few years ago he placed twenty solar panels on the roof of his 1200 square foot all-electric house. At the end of the year, he receives a check from the local electric company... meaning his panels produce more electricity than his house uses. Awesome. 

Until my next update, I remain, your "that's all I know" correspondent.

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