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Home Again, Again

I will write a recap of my experiences the Blogher Food 12 conference - after I gather my scattered thoughts - in a day or two, but for now I want to tell you about my fun morning riding around Seattle in taxis. I was awake early, caffeinated, packed and ready to return to my normal life. (Whatever that may be.) I had a taxi drive me to the train station where I checked my bag, then I reversed my tracks and took a taxi to the Pike Place Market to purchase smoked salmon for My Driver.

I was so smart to avoid the Pike Place Market yesterday due to the Blogher Food 12 photographic field trip, but with a sunny Sunday morning, the market was already packed with tourists & locals at 10 o'clock today. I fought my way to the Pure Food Fish Market to purchase a slab of their smoked line-caught King salmon.

DT loves the smoked salmon from Pure Food, so thought I would surprise him with a chunk-o-fish. I had the fish monger choose the best piece and he wrapped it up for travel to Portland. I ran across the street and ordered a sandwich - on fabulous sourdough bread from Three Girls Bakery - for my breakfast/lunch on the train and took a taxi back to the Seattle's King Street Station to catch the Amtrak to Portland.

Mt. Hood, through the Amtrak window...

The train was late, but My Driver was still waiting for me. We had not seen each other since Monday night (Carla's graduation party) and he is leaving for Eugene in the morning. The Olympic Trials begin in 11 days.

What a gorgeous piece of smoked salmon for DT. He was so happy.

Meaty. Moist. Salty. Sweet. Smoky. Firm.

Perfect appetizer...

... for a perfect steak frites. I have not made French fries since December of 2010. This time I tried a russet potato and the end result was not as crispy as a Yukon Gold French fried, but My Husband did not mind. He was just happy to have a home cooked meal. We celebrated being together again for sixteen whole hours!

Until my next update, I remain, your home-again correspondent.