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All Boy

Merced, California: Since I have only experienced a girl child, all this boy stuff is new to me. But I know enough to realize there is a huge difference in the sexes - even at a very early age. I don't think anyone would mistake Leo for a girl.

Leo is all boy.

Here is a tough guy photo. Don't let the prison stripes confuse you. This tough guy is laying on a fluffy fleece blankie and has six people standing over him, cooing.

Dave and I were up early this morning to see Lenny, Lisa and Leo off on their drive back to Los Angeles. (They wanted to get back in time to watch the Duck game on television. We raised Lisa right.) Baby Leo was all smiles this morning. He let everyone cuddle and coo over him, saying sad goodbyes. We won't see him for a few weeks... and by then he will probably be driving. Kids grow up so fast these days.

But as soon as his Mommy put him in his car seat, Leo knew the fun weekend of being spoiled, adored, rocked and cuddled was over! Dang!

Hey. Wait a minute... are you strapping me down in this thing again? Four hours?


Wait a minute... here's my Grandpa...

Can he come too? Please. Please. Please.

No? Shucks. Alrighty then. Good night. Wake me up when we get to El Lay.

And just like that - they were gone. It has been a wonderful holiday in Merced with Dave's family. Too much fun. Too much food. But never enough time with the Cutest Baby in the World.

This afternoon our Ducks beat the Oregon State Beavers in the 115th Civil War to solidify a spot in the first-ever Pac-12 Championship game. We will face UCLA next Friday at Autzen Stadium... so we are turning this bus around for one more game in Eugene before heading south for the winter.

Really. I promise.

If the Ducks win on Friday, we will be heading to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl on January 2nd! GO DUCKS! (If they don't win... the Oregon Ducks will be heading to possibly the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio... or the Toilet Bowl... or who knows....)

Until my next update, I remain, your over-fed correspondent.