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On the road again!

Track Town USA: Okay. So we didn't make it very far - but we are On The Road and in our motorhome! That beats any day in the Stick House. Yeah for us. Our goal is to find an orb in the sky called "The Sun" - and attend The Rose Bowl on January 1, 2010. But first,  (tomorrow morning) we are receiving a software upgrade on our inverter and a few other minor repairs... so we only had to drive to Eugene this afternoon. We are camped at Premier RV Resort, where we stay before/after the Duck football games.

It has been weeks since I have posted a photo of the Magna Peregrinus, so here she is in all her Go Duck Glory! Pretty, pretty, pretty! My Driver, being chatted-up by a fellow RVer, is also in the photo.

Tonight was the last night of Hanukkah. We have been celebrating (nearly) every night this week with special foods and enjoying our menorah. Tonight I made a delish chicken soup with matzo balls. If you have not tried My Matzo Balls, I really encourage you to try this recipe. The secret is to only let the dough rest for one hour before boiling the matzo balls. The longer you let the dough rest - the harder the matzo balls. True, some people like their matzo balls hard and dry... we prefer our matzo balls to be "fluffy floaters".

Matzo Meal dough

Every candle is lit on the menorah the last night of Hanukkah - so beautiful! I had finally purchased an electric menorah for the RV, because of the "fire hazard", but couldn't bring myself to schlep a foot-tall electric menorah along on a month-long trip if we would only use it the first night of the trip.

Plan B.

Pretty lights. The pretty girl in the photo is The Lovely Lisa - snapped while hiking in Joshua Tree National Park on her Dad's 50th birthday.

After letting the dough rest for one hour, I began to boil the matzo balls in salted water.




Tonight I served My Matzo Balls in a triple-strength home-made organic chicken stock with shredded chicken, carrots, and celery.

It was really yummy.

So happy to be cooking foods that millions of women around the world are cooking tonight. So happy to be eating foods that millions of people all around the world are eating tonight.

Until my next update, I remain, your traditional correspondent.

RV Park:
 Premier RV Resort - Eugene, Oregon. Full hook-up, paved pull-through site, 50 amp. Free wifi, fitness center, free newspaper delivered to your RV, free donuts and coffee in the morning.