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On the Road Again

Canyonville, Oregon: What a wonderful way to start the New Year - heading south to celebrate our daughter's wedding. More good news? All the wedding wine did fit inside the basement of our bus. We even have a temperature probe inside a case to ensure it will remain at a constant cool temperature. I can monitor the bay temperature from the passenger seat. We have developed an intricate system of placing ice "blankets" over the wine cases if the temperature rises about our wine comfort zone. Our system is so sophisticated, we have two sets of the ice sheets, so one set is always in the freezer (freezing) and the other set is in the bays. We can swap as needed. I'm a genius for coming up with this easy and inexpensive cooling solution, so please notify the Nobel Prize Committee next time you see them, will you? Dang if our little system isn't working! If our plan fails in the 100° temperatures of the Southern California desert, we will simply bring the wine inside the bus - covering the entire floor no doubt - and set the air conditioning to "arctic". Done and Done.

Parenting Advise: Raise beer drinkers!

We managed to get out of town an entire 15 minutes prior to our scheduled noon departure time, which is basically a miracle. More auspicious good beginnings for the New Year! Our journey today wasn't far. We are spending the night in Canyonville, Oregon specifically because the overnight temperature is predicted to be around 55°. We are staying again at the so-very-fabulous Seven Feathers RV Resort, conveniently located 99 miles north of the Oregon-California border.

Do y'all remember that this website is called "RV Goddess" and is often about RVing? It certainly has not been about RVing for a while, but today I am going to show you photos of this beautiful resort!

Don't faint.

Okay, okay... I will throw-in a food photo at the bottom of this page for my foodies.

This is a typical pull-through site at Seven Feathers RV Resort. They also have a few smaller back-in sites. All sites have full-service, a picnic table, cable television and free wifi. The resort is operated by the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Band of Indians, and the resort is (far and quietly) across the freeway from the Seven Feathers Casino Resort - a huge complex with a casino, hotel, concert venue, spa facilities and several restaurants and bars. There is also a massive truck stop! Everything is top-rate (though the casino is still too smoky for my tastes).

Seven Feathers RV Resort has a beautiful heated indoor swimming pool and hot tub.

On the other end of the huge building housing the swimming pool is a conference/rally room and a nice fitness center. Is there a rule that every television in every fitness center in every RV park must be tuned to FOX News? Why?

The RV resort also features a very nice fire pit area..

... and a large covered pavilion, complete with BBQ grills. There is a pretty little creek running through the resort. The creek is lined with walking/biking paths.

The landscaping is very pretty and there are great laundry/shower facilities and a play ground for the kiddies.

No need to unhitch your tow vehicle! Seven Feathers has a shuttle that will fetch you from your rig and take you down to the casino for dining, gambling, or whatever else you want to do at a casino. This Native American casino serves cocktails in the casino (but they are not free).

We really like staying here, but only once have we stayed here for more than one night! Too convenient for us, and too close to our home to remain much longer. The time we did stay long enough to smell the roses - we had a blast. Imagine having lunch in a historic Oregon inn where Clark Gable stayed while fly fishing, then visiting a ghost town and finally having dessert in "heaven"? There really is a lot to do here and we hardly ever go to the casino!

I went crazy last night and made a 7-layer lasagna!

It is tradition that we have lasagna on the first night of a RV road trip. Late last night I put together my Turkey Lasagna, ready to bake this evening. The recipe is low-fat and high-flavor, and I am able to make it entirely organic, which is important to me. The casserole uses no-boil lasagna noodles, so is also easy enough to prepare in a RV kitchen. It will be plenty for dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow - no doubt at a rest area somewhere south of here.

Until my next update, I remain, your chilling correspondent.

RV PARK: Seven Feathers RV Resort. I think I said enough about this fabulous park today. We paid $32 with Good Sam and casino club card. (Yes, they let you use multiple discounts here!)