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Sorry for a few days of silence. Dave and I have been celebrating Rosh Hashanah and have fasted for the past 25 hours in observance of Yom Kippur... which is yet another reason we are not on our way to Palm Springs. But what a great way to start the New Year - with a wedding!

We leave tomorrow morning. Our housesitter, Brandon, stopped in to see how our departure preparations were going. I told him we were fasting and praying all that wine would fit inside the Magna Peregrinus.

Anxious is a bit of an understatement to describe our feelings this week. We are anxious to get to Palm Springs for Lisa & Lenny's wedding. The kids have planned quite a lovely shindig! So many friends and family are traveling from around the world to attend the wedding. We are super excited to see everyone and incredibly grateful so many have made the effort to attend our daughter's wedding. 

We are also anxious to see our completed casita!

After a four week delay, the (similar to our first choice) brick was finally delivered and Arnold's crew have been working at a feverish rate (in 100°+ temperatures!) to complete the project before our arrival in a few days.

My Goodness - there is brick everywhere. Brick on the casita. Brick on the pillars. Brick on the back wall. Brick on the bar. Brick on the fireplace. I've always dreamed of a brick house... and when I finally get my dream - it is 13x9 feet.

Story of my life.

Notice the lawn? For the next few weeks at the Motorcoach Country Club, (and on nearly golf course in the Coachella Valley) groundskeepers are "scalping" the lawn. This procedure is common all over the desert to promote a healthy green lawn the rest of the year... but for the next few weeks the lawn is an ugly brown dusty mess.

You may notice the little patch of lawn in the middle of our "campsite" is green and lush. We are responsible for any landscaping we add/change on our lot, so the resort leaves it alone. We must water that patch of lawn and all the landscaping our contractor has installed. Our site has been landscaped with a pretty olive tree, cacti, palms, hibiscus and roses. All flowering plants bloom yellow. Of course. A zillion yellow pansies will be planted next month.

Dave and I are also anxious to see the wall unit that has been installed inside the casita by California Closets.

But mostly we are anxious to get this (wedding) wine out of our dining room.

Until my next update from the road, I remain, your anxious correspondent.