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Now in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California: Hello, again, from The City of Angels. Are you all getting dizzy trying to keep up with our location? Me too.

After two nights at our motorhome in Indio, we headed over to Los Angeles in the Honda this afternoon. I will remain with Lenny, Lisa and Leo and Dave will fly to Salt Lake City for a few days to give Gene a chance to go home over the weekend. The hospital has given Dave's Mom a check-out date for next Thursday! She is so anxious to get back to her Wyoming home. The report from Gene was most encouraging today. Mom is getting stronger, steadier on her feet, and eating better every day.

Again, as is our tradition, Dave and I (ummmm... well, mostly me) brought dinner tonight for our family in Los Angeles. Tossed greens with avocado and grape tomatoes, a meatloaf with grass-fed organic beef and potatoes au gratin - made without cream (just gruyere cheese, thyme, garlic and caramelized shallots). I also brought peanut butter cookies, a ricotta cake and a loaf of whole wheat buttermilk bread... baked in my spare time.

Must fatten-up Leo!

Our grandson was rudely napping when we arrived this afternoon. When we finally heard Leo stirring in his bedroom, I went upstairs to greet him. He broke into a huge smile when he saw me and said, "Bubbe... cookies".

The kid has my number.

Though it had only been two weeks since we last saw Leo, there is a noticeable improvement in his speech. The kid is dropping complete sentences willy-nilly:

I need that.

I want that.

Remember when I wrote about the mac & cheese croquettes we had in Las Vegas on Sunday? I made an attempt at this artery-clogger last night and, dang, if they weren't just super delicious. Leo had three 2-inch triangles for dinner. Leo never eats anything, so this was a huge victory. All I did was make a simple cheese sauce with Kosher Tillamook medium cheddar and elbow macaroni, spread it 1/2-inch thick in a pan, refrigerate until cold, cut into triangles, dip in egg, dip in panko and fry.

Best Husband Ever claimed my version even better than the one we tried at the Burger Bar in Las Vegas.


Never trust a skinny chef!

I don't want to be mean, but I want to tell you all that I am wearing a sun dress. It was nearly 85° in Los Angeles this afternoon. Unusual, even for SoCal, and after a week in snowy Salt Lake, we are really enjoying the sun.

More photo of our blonde-mop-top to follow.

Until my next update, I remain, your El Lay correspondent.