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Nothing to Report

Peoria, Arizona:   A very quiet day in the RV park in Peoria. The Mariners did not have a game today in Peoria, so we had a day-off and spent the day doing maintenance, errands, exercising and there is the remote possibility we watched just a few college basketball games.

My Driver Coach had mapped out a four mile run for me. It was an out-and-back circuit. I ran until my "nano voice" told me I had completed two miles (literally feet away from the point DT determined was two miles out). Then I turned around and exactly retraced my steps. Yet, when I returned to my starting point, my nano-girl said I had only completed 3.77 miles. Someone was hosed. I think it was me. Dang. No matter. I have covered 15 miles this week, which is huge for an old fat lady and I am so pleased with myself that I am giving myself the day off tomorrow. Shabbat Shalom.

Dad had an appointment at Camping World to have something repaired on his tow-car braking system. DT and I went to lunch at a nearby Mexican restaurant that is supposed to be a "hidden gem" in Peoria. Don Lencho's Mexican Restaurant is a fairly small establishment, but it was as described - delicious foods, friendly servers, ridiculously cheap prices. 

Of course, I ordered two chicken tacos ala carte - my gauge of any Mexican dining establishment. Though no Roberto's Tacos, they were perfectly acceptable and I will happily recommend Don Lencho's.

My Driver - always happy to help with RV Goddess research - ordered two enchiladas. One with chicken, one with cheese. The sauce was wonderful and had a little twist. Was it only a hint of cinnamon, or maybe a little clove and cinnamon? Whatever - the enchilada sauce was delicious.

My tacos were fairly conventional. Seasoned poached chicken, pico de gallo, lettuce and grated cheese in a semi-fried tortilla shell. Perfect. $2.19 each. (Seems all tacos in the southwest are around $2 each, aren't they?)

Later in the afternoon, Dave and Dad headed out to an auto parts store to purchase replacement windscreen wiper blades for my Honda. Then they spent thirty minutes trying to remove the old wipers - with the help of fellow campers. I actually had to go outside, retrieve the Honda manual to read the instructions out-loud to my two favorite guys before they could remove the old blades!

When in doubt, read the instructions.

For some (as yet) unexplained reason, I am having trouble with my internet satellite connection this evening, so am sending this update into cyberspace via my cellular phone because I am very geeky.

Until my next update, I remain your "my brackets are basically toast" correspondent.

RV Park:  
Valley of the Sun RV Park. Bare-bones facility behind the Ramada Inn on Grand Avenue near the 101 Ring Road. $230 for a week. Our site is one of the few with 50 amp service. Back-in site over quickly-collapsing asphalt. Bath house and laundry and it seems RV guests can use the motel pool.