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Mariners Win

Peoria, Arizona:  Today's game against the local Diamondbacks was bound to be a great photo opportunity as our seats were right off the third base line, directly in front of my favorite Mariner, rightfielder Ichiro Suzuki.

I brought my huge camera and my huge lens.

This is not Ichiro.

This is not Ichiro.

This is not Ichiro.

This is Ryan Langerhans. Ichiro had the day off. Again. Dang.

Not a lot of excitement in the Mariner bullpen.

Third baseman Matt Tuiasosopo heads to first base...

... and Tuiasosopo is smiling big from second!

Still not Ichiro. Still Langerhans. It's still there Langerhans.

After beating the Diamondbacks, 4-0, the Mariners head for the locker room.

For dinner tonight, Dave, Dad and I decided to visit one of the 4,000 restaurants in the area surrounding the Peoria Sports Complex. Every restaurant we tried was completely packed, with a long line of people waiting outside for a table. Not looking good. In the end, we decided to head back towards the RV park and have dinner at the good Mexican place Dave and I had lunch yesterday -  Don Lencho's. We were seated immediately.

Dad ordered something like Arroz con Pollo... except instead of pollo (chicken), Don Lencho's uses shrimp. Dad loves it.

I ordered the grilled chicken. It came with rice, beans, and pico de gallo (fresh salsa). The chicken was a little dry, but the flavor was outstanding. (This seems to be common of grilled chicken in Mexican restaurants.)

DT ordered the shrimp burrito. The flour tortilla was stuffed with huge shrimp and rice, then topped with a white sauce. It was so large, DT was unable to finish his dinner.

Our meals - with beers and chips and salsas - were less than $45. Good food at a reasonable price. What kind of freaky restaurant is Don Lencho's?

Until my next update, I remain your "seriously? Northern Iowa?" correspondent.

RV Park:  Valley of the Sun RV Park. Bare-bones facility behind the Ramada Inn on Grand Avenue near the 101 Ring Road. $230 for a week. Our site is one of the few with 50 amp service. Back-in site over quickly-collapsing asphalt. Bath house and laundry and it seems RV guests can use the motel pool.