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News Around The Island

Indio, California: There are no major activities to report. We haven’t done much (except watch college basketball) since returning from Merced. The usual wonderful desert weather has finally returned and the temperatures are now in the 80s daily and we are so happy. Exercising. Eating well. Having fun.

We are proud of the Oregon Ducks men’s basketball team. They made it to the Sweet 16, but were finally defeated (4 points!) by Virginia. The Oregon women have advanced to the Final Four and will face Baylor (hello – same school colors) on the 5th of April in Tampa Bay (ESPN).

With most of us picking Duke or Gonzaga (or the Ducks) to win the crown in our friends + family brackets, our hopes have dwindled-down to the losiest of the losers.

We. Are. Toast.

Oregon’s “one-and-done” super-star, Bol Bol, has already declared for the NBA draft. No matter that he broke a bone in his foot after playing only 9 games for the Ducks. He is predicted to go 9th in the draft. Ninth! It is good to be over seven feet tall. Best of luck to you, Mr. Bol.

I feel so sad (or not?) for these kids who forego their college years, just to rake-in the big zillions in the pros. Our college years are so much a part of us to this day. College roommates (and Dave’s college track/field teammates) are still such a force in our lives. You can’t get that back… unless you have millions of NBA contract dollars to console you? Wouldn’t Bol still get millions of dollars after graduating from college and enjoying four wonderful years of competition with his college teammates?

DT and his roomies at Autzen Stadium last fall –
45 years after moving into the University of Oregon dorms as freshmen.

One young athlete we know has yet to sign a pro contract, but completed a 15-mile fundraiser bike ride this weekend in SoCal:

Leo was the youngest person to complete the race, and is obviously loving his new wheels. Leo is our favorite hot and sweaty grandson. (His little sister went one mile out, and one mile back.)


For the first time in five years, the odd yellow climbing rose bush (the leaves do not in any way resemble a rose, but the flowers do) in our garden is blooming like crazy!

So beautiful!

Also, we have added a hummingbird feeder to our campsite as we often see hummingbirds. After just a few days, we have noticed a little activity at the feeder, so maybe we will have more constant visitors?

Other random news: Red Vines are now producing their famed red “licorice” candy in a more “natural” variety. The “made simple” version uses cane sugar and the candy is colored red with “radish juice” instead of dead beetles. Red Vines Made Simple are vegan.

I have tried Red Vines Made Simple and they are just delicious.

Another thing crossing my desk this week:

I am all for down-sizing, getting-rid-of, re-purposing, recycling, but loved this cartoon from the New Yorker. Marie Kondo comes into your life and gets rid of piles of your junk (insert other word if needed)… but the bigger picture is why do we have all this junk that we do not need/want/use to begin with? Why do we buy/have/need all this stuff?

I ask this of myself most of all.

Every day.

Our long-absent friend finally returned to the campsite behind us this evening. We greeted Steve with chicken paillard over arugula… with a little olive tapenade.

No beetles were harmed in the typing of this blog.

And that’s all the news around here.

Until my next update, I remain, your Indio correspondent.

RV PARK:The Motorcoach Country Club

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