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Learning Curve

How interesting, that at 6o-plus-ish, I am moving this old website to one of the new, hipster, blogging platforms. Shouldn’t I have done this ten years ago? Truth is, I could not. I was blogging before the word had been invented, and was stuck in the old-school html coding world.

If it’s not broke… and all that… except it was broke. My old site did not comply with current security protocols – no matter that I do not take personal information or credit card numbers at RVGoddess.com. My site was a dinosaur, living in a dark, dank, cave.

In an attempt to make my site secure, I purchased a security certificate ($199) and waited for three long weeks as it was added to my site. The NOT SECURE warning did disappear from the address bar, but my website no longer functioned. The company that made the transition for me – the company that has hosted RVGoddess.com for twenty years – completely bailed on me and refused to help resolve the coding issues.


With a certain digit raised, I bid my ancient hosts an abrupt adieu and signed on with a new platform and hired a company (I’m not lazy, but I’m not crazy) to transfer years of archives to the new host on the new platform (apparently platformis the new term for blog hosts).

Now, this old gal can update her blog from her phone or iPad! It’s a whole new world for me – and now you.

Please be patient while all the old stuff/archives – and all my recipes – are moved to this new site platform. Enjoy the current updates and do not laugh at my mistakes. The new website will morph and change over the next several months, but new posts (with larger photos!) should remain easily accessible and the style should be comfortable and familiar.

We will get used to this together.

Until my next update, I remain, your newbie correspondent.

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