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News Around the Island

There a few odd things I have need to spill... all unrelated. It is time for another News Around the Island post.

Yesterday, while out about town with Pam, I found the cutest cocktail napkins for the Magna Peregrinus. Look for one under your martini the next time you have a cocktail in our motorhome:

Cocktail napkin designed by Anne Taintor

This week My Dear Dad sent DT a weather station. Dave was so excited. He had been wanting a wind and rain gauge. The La Crosse Professional Weather Station has all the bells & whistles - time, date, temperature, wind chill, wind direction, wind speed, wind gust speeds, barometric pressure, rain gauge, humidity. 

However, this weather station had many little parts that needed to be put together and installed at a remote outdoor location requiring the use of power tools. By a guy who is power-tool challenged.

DT did it! Now the Weather Station sends readings wirelessly to the 7.5"-tall monitor (pictured right) placed on our kitchen counter.

I am happy to report, today we received 0.10 inches of rain. What is that? I am a Native Oregonian. 0.10 inches isn't even rain. I think we had a foggy cloud go through or something.

In sport-related news... this week the Oregon Duck basketball team participated in the Coaches v Cancer fundraiser. And by participate, I mean the team wore pink uniforms.


Pretty in Pink: Oregon Guard Senior Tajuan Porter (photo courtesy of goducks.com)

I don't know if was the unis. I don't actually care. All I know is My Ducks from Mac Court had lost five games in a row. Yet when they donned The Pink at home, they were able to beat UCLA (with Bill Walton in the house) and USC. I am all for changing the school colors to pink and white if this causes the Ducks to win.

Sweet! (photo courtesy of goducks.com)

The socks were a nice touch.

Speaking of My Ducks.... Super Athlete Ashton Eaton didn't need pink to win today. The Ducks competed this weekend in College Station, Texas at the Texas A&M Challenge Indoor Track & Field meet. Ashton Eaton (also a native Oregonian - from Bend) scored 6,256 points in the heptathlon to break the NCAA record! You may remember my devotion to Mr. Eaton from the Olympic Trails or via my posts from Berlin this summer when Eaton competed in the World Track & Field Championships. Ashton is amazing!

Today was a great day to be a Duck - no matter what colors you were wearing.

Ashton Eaton

Until my next update, I remain, your "Pink is The New Black" correspondent.