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Lunch with Pam

When we are in town, I try to have lunch with my friend Pam about once a month. We have been friends since our daughters were in 3rd grade together. Pam and I always meet at the same restaurant. We usually order seafood salads. We are usually at the table for two hours. Sometimes a girl just wants to kick-back with her gal pal and dish the dirt enjoy a leisurely lunch.

We had a lot of catching-up to do.

Pretty Pam

Our "office" is the M&S Grill, operated by McCormick & Schmick's. An Oregon classic, McCormick & Schmick's offers a huge variety of fresh fish and shellfish, flown-in daily. They will prepare your choice of fish nearly any way you choose - grilled, fried, blackened, etc. - and the quality if top-notch.

Pam had a shrimp salad and I ordered the Salmon Caesar. Delicious.

Oops. Then we shared a very small teeny tiny minuscule petite undersized miniature diminutive little dessert - a perfect Pavlova with kiwi. It was nearly too cute to eat.

Pavlova: meringue with whipped cream and fresh fruits

So, after Pam and I had a long chat, ate salads and each had a few bites of the Pavlova... I walked over to Talbot's and bought a pair of slacks in a size that hasn't seen the inside of my closet since the (first) Reagan Administration. Twenty-one weeks ago I could not complete even one lap around a track. Now I can run three miles without stopping. In 21 weeks, I have jogged 175 miles and have lost 22 pounds. 

Yeah me!

Until my next update, I remain, your athletic correspondent.