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Newport, Oregon

Newport, Oregon: After enjoying gorgeous weather the past few days, we woke to fog. Feh. (PS: It is 88° and sunny at our home in Portland today!) No matter. After our big family dinner last night, I really did not feel like running. I didn't even feel like getting out of bed. I could have had something to do with the two martinis I consumed.

And let me tell you something funny about the martinis. I ordered my martini made with Tanqueray gin. When the server brought the martini to me, she said, "Here is your Tanqueray"... except she pronounced the word so it sounded like tan-jer-ay (kinda like she was saying tangerine). Had I been pronouncing Tanqueray wrong for 30+ years?  I couldn't be sure, so I ordered another martini, and dang if the girl didn't bring me another tan-jer-ay!


The family dispersed today. Everyone heading home. DT and I too... but we are taking the long/slow way home and will remain on the coast for a few more days. My Dad and Mary are also taking the long/slow way home, so we met for lunch in Newport today.

Before checking-out and heading north, DT and I went for runs. (We cannot run together, because one of us runs twice as fast the other one. I will leave it up to you to figure-out this poser.)

Somebody better get on the stick!

We headed north on Highway 101, which follows the beautifully rugged Oregon coastline. It is normally a beautiful drive, but today was so foggy, it was impossible to see the gorgeous views out to sea - or the lighthouses. (It was so foggy, we couldn't see the lighthouses. Wait, isn't fog why they have lighthouses?) I felt especially bad for Mary. This was the first time Mary (from Colorado) had been on this stretch of the Oregon Coast and she was seeing NOTHING!

So here, Dear Reader, I admit a mistake. A stoopid mistake. Really dumb, but luckily with no serious consequences: when we stopped for the day to check into the Newport Marina RV Park, the Honda engine was still running! I had forgotten to turn the ignition key to "accessory" before leaving Coos Bay this morning! We had towed the CRV 100 miles (in neutral) with the engine running! Oops. Well, she was warmed-up, that is for sure... and her gas tank was running a little low... and My Driver thinks I am a knucklehead. Today was the first time I had made this mistake in 12 years of towing. I am a knucklehead.

I'm blaming the two tan-jer-ays?

We met Mary and Dad for lunch at The Rogue Brewery in Newport and at least Mary was able to see a nice plate of fried halibut in front of her - with a foggy bay view out the restaurant window.

We like to stay at the Marina RV Park in Newport. Not only can we walk to The Rogue Brewery, the RV park is at the marina and there is always something to see - fish and crab being hauled from boats, fish being cleaned, boats coming in and out, sea lions and many friendly campers - happy with full ice-chests of freshly-caught fish!

We've already had two people stop by to say hello and admire/photograph the big "O" on the back of our motorhome. The bridge in the background is the Yaquina Bay Bridge, Highway 101, crossing the Yaquina River as it enters the Pacific Ocean at Newport. We are camped on the south side of the river/bay.

Looking west

Pretty, even on an overcast day.

Pretty wild roses down by the water.

Just below our motorhome, an old river boat is docked. It is a bed & breakfast!

The RV park is across the river from Old Town Newport, shops, restaurants, a few seedy bars, tacky tourist museums, the Coast Guard station and many fish processing plants.

This photo is in black & white... but by 5 o'clock this afternoon, this was pretty-much our view from the RV park.

Until my next update, I remain, your "running on empty" correspondent.

RV Park: Port of Newport RV Park. Right on the water, right on the docks and a few feet from the Rogue Brewery & Restaurant. Walk to the Oregon Coast Aquarium and Hatfield Marine Science Center.